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90 (Feb 10, 2004)
Patříte-li mezi online pařany, určitě byste si neměli nechat U2XMP ujít už pro získání vlastních zkušeností z netradičně pojaté hry, která může snadno zasáhnout právě vaši krevní skupinu. U2XMP rozhodně stojí za to a pokud se prokoušete trochu nepřítulným tutorialem, máte se nač těšit.
WindowsGamesdog (Dec 30, 2003)
With five more maps on the way from launch, XMP is set for a bright future. Hopefully it will be integrated into a special edition package, although Co-Op mode for the singleplayer game's not guaranteed for the PC version. It's certainly the MP mode Unreal II was made for, and now that we've seen the orginal down to between £6 and £10 it's now cheap enough to qualify for Hot Product Status. At least one website has been selling out of Unreal II when people couldn't buy UT 2004, so we hope that will usher in another wave of players. It's well worth checking out if you want a team based SF multiplayer combat game before Tribes Vengeance is released.
WindowsIGN (Dec 17, 2003)
If Unreal II XMP were a stand-alone product, it would be fair to hold it under harsh light and wish for better team coordination, more accessible game play from the outset, and much-needed headset support. But given that XMP is meant as an expansion of Unreal II, and available as a free download, the whole package is rather impressive. Adding online support to Unreal II might have produced a stale rerun of Unreal Tournament Deathmatch modes, but instead Legend Entertainment has given us a class- and resource-based experience with surprising depth. It may not tear everyone away from Battlefield 1942 or even Unreal Tournament 2003, but it's certainly a nice way to pass the time before Unreal Tournament 2004 appears.
WindowsGameSpot (Jan 20, 2004)
As you would expect, the XMP mode leverages the same engine used in Unreal II, providing extremely high quality visuals. A year later, the graphics still hold up very well, and the sound effects are also the same ones used in the original game, so you can expect an attractive overall package. Even though the single-player game hasn't changed in Unreal II: The Awakening Special Edition, the XMP mode by itself makes the package worth a purchase for fans of team-based multiplayer shooters. And, as mentioned, those who already own Unreal II should definitely dust off their old discs, as the XMP mode is available to them as a free download. Our only worry is that Atari might be spreading its Unreal fan base a little too thin, what with the existing popularity of the multiplayer-focused Unreal Tournament 2003 and the impending release of UT 2004.
WindowsPC Action (Feb 02, 2004)
Ehrlich gesagt habe ich mir von Unreal 2 XMP mehr erwartet. Der Artefakt-Modus ist sicherlich sehr interessant, aber so recht wollte beim Daddeln der Funke nicht überspringen. Unreal 2 XMP spielt sich nämlich beinahe so zäh wie Planetside. Was sich die Entwickler bei den Fahrzeugen gedacht haben, bleibt mir ein Rätsel. Wenn Sie als Fahrer an die Kanone wollen, müssen Sie erst aussteigen. Darunter leidet der Spielfluss. Ferner raubt der verzerrte Zielbildschirm dem Bordschützen den letzten Nerv. Darauf erkennen Sie den Feind erst, wenn es zu spät ist.
WindowsGameStar (Germany) (Feb, 2004)
Ich will ballern – aber in XMP verbringe ich die meiste Zeit damit, Generatoren zu aktivieren und auf Vehikel zu warten. Und damit, mir auf dem oft überladenen Bildschirm einen Überblick zu verschaffen, was gerade wo los ist. Einige der Ideen gefallen mir zwar gut, etwa dass ich meine Basis mit Energiezäunen schützen kann. Trotzdem wäre weniger insgesamt mehr gewesen. Wem Online-Ballerein gar nicht komplex genug sein können, sollte dennoch Probe spielen.