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Unreal Tournament 2003

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The best all out deathmatch FPS since Quake 3, but I doubt it will remain so for long. Windows Tibes80 (1495)
Oh, come on. You really expect gamers to like this? Windows ThE oNe (178)

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Platform Votes Score
Linux 3 3.5
Macintosh 1 3.7
Windows 41 3.8
Combined User Score 45 3.7

Critic Reviews

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MacintoshMac Addict
Unbridled, unabashedly violent mayhem (coordinated, unabashedly violent mayhem in the more-organized games) isn't for everyone, but if it's your thing, Unreal Tournament 2003 is your game.
WindowsUOL Jogos
"Unreal Tournament 2003" é uma refinação da fórmula que fez tanto sucesso no passado, mas infelizmente adiciona muito mais aos gráficos do que à jogabilidade, podendo decepcionar muitos. Não é o game que vai converter os fãs de "Quake" à série, mas mesmo assim, a turma de "Unreal" deve aproveitar essas novas nuances, que certamente injetam muita vida à já adorada marca.
Windows2404.org PC Gaming
*Picks up drooling mouth* Man oh man! Unreal Tournament 2003 is one AMAZING game, I pre-ordered this game about 3 weeks before it was shipped and hit stores and I am extremely happy with what in my opinion is going to be the best action game of the year!
Unreal Tournament 2003 is one of the most complete and stable games ever launched. It's not just an Unreal Tournament with a better graphics: better tweaked gameplay and higher speed make it the fastest-paced FPS after Quake and well balanced weapons plus the best graphics anyone has ever seen in a game determines every Quake III or Unreal Tournament player to consider it the best option available this year.
WindowsGame Informer Magazine
Unreal Tournament is my second favorite game of all-time (Street Fighter II being first, of course), so my expectations for the sequel were insanely high. Overall, Digital Extremes did not disappoint, clearly putting forth a huge effort to make UT 2003 an amazing product.Fans will readily notice a few significant changes, most of which benefit gameplay. Foremost, players have access to special moves, regulated by an Adrenaline meter. Adrenaline icons and kills raise the meter, and once you fill it, you can increase speed, power, turn invisible, etc. by inputting specific button taps. Initially, I was skeptical, thinking that such a “gimmick” might imbalance gameplay, but these moves actually add depth and flare.
WindowsGameSpot (Belgium/Netherlands)
Of je er nu pro bent of niet, de kracht van Unreal Tournament 2003 en zijn impact op de online shooter-wereld is onweerlegbaar. Het mooie van het spel is dat je niet meteen naar de hardware-shop moet rennen voor een nieuwe grafische kaart of processor: UT2003 draait netjes op tussenklassers. Zij die de totale visuele ervaring willen meemaken zonder snelheidsverlies, moeten zich weer wel wenden tot de nieuwe generatie videokaarten. Het spel brengt subtiele wijzigingen aan de voorganger aan, die toch resulteren in een anders feel. Als je van fraggen houdt, mag dit spel niet op je harde schijf ontbreken!!!
WindowsGame Chronicles
Fans of online arena combat games will most likely find UT2003 a worthwhile purchase. If you didn't like UT then UT2003 isn't going to change your mind. This type of game takes quite a bit of practice to really get good at, but there are a ton of servers and plenty of opponents available to school you and keep you challenged for the months and years to come.
If you are a fan of FPS, games with great graphics, and wonderful gameplay; go to the nearest store and buy this game immediately! The game is that good! From the minute you install the game you will be amazed how wonderful this game looks, and plays. It is a shame that a few modes were cut out and some of the weapons have been weakened, but than again it is a sequel to UT and an expansion pack. Listen, you owe it to yourself to purchase this game. See you online!
WindowsPC Zone Benelux
Als kritische reviewer heb ik ook gekeken naar eventuele minpunten van deze game. Behalve de hoge systeemeisen heb ik echter niet iets kunnen vinden waar we lekker over kunnen gaan muggenziften. Wie de graphics bekijkt kan met zijn eigen ogen zien dat deze voorlopig niet te evenaren zijn, en wie de demo gespeeld heeft weet dat de gameplay ondanks de toegenomen speelsnelheid subliem te noemen is.
Ultimately, if you have broadband and want to enjoy the fastest, slickest and most refined multiplayer-style first-person shooter in existence then this game has to be for you. It's polished, well-designed, diverse, and consequently an awful lot of fun. Not a revolution by any stretch of the imagination, but what is sets out to do, it does with some panache, easily becoming the best example of this type of game currently available.
If Infogrames can iron out the HUGE problems as far as performance, this will easily win the "Game of the Year" award without even anyone blinking. But, as of now the performance plays a crucial role in the success of the game. Most people aren't willing to spend 50 clams on a game, and then have to buy a $200 video card just to play the game (hey, I've done it before...).
WindowsPC Gamer UK
UT2003 is a furious and exhilarating reinstatement of what came to be in 1999, but no, it isn't the greatest deathmatch game of all time; it fails to manage the purity of vision or breadth of invention necessary to take their that title. Nor is UT2003 a revolution; in fact there's very little innovation at all. but it is a game that manages to create a healthy amalgam of intuitive design, stunning visuals and a comfortably familiar dynamic and deliver it all with the humour and attention to detail we've come to expect from Epic.
WindowsGame Over Online
Despite my apparent rumblings and growlings, this is an absolutely excellent game. Sure, it does not redefine the genre, but it doesn’t just sit on its predecessor’s laurels, it has something of its own to bring in – a most impressive graphics and physics engine, an incredible bot AI, as well as very impressive level design and great multiplayer capabilities.
WindowsGamereactor (Sweden)
Som du kanske förstått vid det här laget lever det här spelet upp till mina förväntningar på alla sätt. Tack vare dödsmatch med mästerskapsupplägg och sportsmannainriktning blandar Epic och Digital Extremes det bästa av flera världar. UT 2003 är som sagt varken oförutsägbart eller revolutionerande, bara fantastiskt roligt och välgjort.
Der König ist tot - es lebe der König! Noch vor wenigen Wochen war Unreal Tournament mein favorisierter Ego-Shooter für Lan- oder Internet-Partien, jetzt nimmt UT2003 mühelos diesen Platz ein. Die unkomplizierte Action sorgt für so manchen Adrenalinschub, das Leveldesign und die Prachtgrafik dagegen für ein Herunterklappen der Kinnlade. Zwar hätte auch ich mir einige neue Waffen und Spielmodi gewünscht, im Endeffekt ist es mir aber wichtiger, dass das bewährte Spielgefühl vom Vorgänger übernommen wurde - denn dank der Unreal-Warfare-Engine macht das Fraggen gleich noch mal so viel Spaß! Als Fan bin ich lediglich ein wenig traurig, dass Epic den Assault-Modus aus Unreal Tournament gestrichen hat - aber der Erfahrung nach werden mich dafür schon bald einige Fan-Modifikationen entschädigen. Wer actionreiche Mehrspieler-Shooter mag, kommt an UT2003 jedenfalls nicht vorbei!
Evolutionary, rather than revolutionary, improvements make Unreal Tournament 2003 a solid game that definitely belongs in the arsenal of any Mac first-person–shooter enthusiast.
WindowsPower Unlimited
Een lekkere doordenderende online shooter is er op het moment niet en UT 2003 biedt je alles wat je wilt. De diversiteit aan maps evenals de looks van de maps houden je zeker zoet tot de nieuwe gratis mappacks die Digital Extremes gaat releasen. Ze kennen zowel claustro-fobische indoor als uitgestrekte outdoor locaties en combinaties van die twee. Hulde aan de ontwerpers. Ook de netcode is super stabiel dat geldt uiteraard voor mijn eigen persoontje, maar ook op fora zijn er weinig klachten.
Que dire, que dire ? Cet Unreal est le digne successeur de son aïeul. Mieux que ça même. Un nouveau de mode de jeu particulièrement sympa, des innovations au niveau du gameplay et une réalisation qui participe à une ambiance de jeu absolument frénétique. Le pied pour les amateurs de frag.
If they're that bothered about getting the 2004 version, as stated before, they can get UT 2003 for almost half price, get all the FREE add-ons via the internet or recent magazine coverdiscs, and stick with that- without having to use the install CDs in the drive the whole time. For that you can enjoy one of the best FPS in style, for no added fees and with long-term support for servers unlike bigger companies we could mention.
Denying Unreal Tournament 2003 its rightful place in the upper echelons of this genre/sub-genre that it so effortlessly succeeds at is hard work. One would have to be quite jaded, discriminatory, close-minded, and vigilant to justify dismissing the game's many charms and delights.
A vos souris !!! Avec la suite du célèbre Unreal Tournament, ce jeu vous promet de nombreuses nuit blanches...
WindowsGameStar (Germany)
Nicht nur, dass Unreal Tournament 2003 Grafiken auffährt, bei denen man schon mal das Fraggen vergessen kann – auch spielerisch stimmt praktisch alles. Das Tempo gefällt mir noch besser als im Vorgänger, die Waffenbalance ist gelungen, die Bots sind prima und das Leveldesign meist vom Feinsten. Bei den Waffen hätte ich allerdings ein kleines bisschen mehr Mut zur Innovation erwartet. Weil sich da so wenig getan hat, spielt sich 2003 sehr wie der Vorgänger. Insbesondere die viel benutzte Mini Gun oder die Flak Cannon haben sich kaum verändert – so langsam kann ich die alten Lieblinge aber nicht mehr sehen. Außerdem gefallen mir nicht alle Bots, insbesondere die Ägypter wirken mir zu uncool. Als ernsthafter Online-Shooter-Fan müssen Sie natürlich trotzdem zugreifen!
Some will love it and some will hate it, but none can dispute the fact that once they start playing it they'll enjoy the hell out of it! UT2003 is extremely fun, make no mistake about it, and that's the sole reason why I recommend this game even to those of you who feel that older online shooters can offer just as much fun, but with lower hardware reqs. It's much like the shooters of old, but the actual gameplay mechanics have been raised to another level. Along with some other gameplay tweaks, this probably makes UT2003 the best online shooter on the market. Creativity does suffer greatly, but that's what happens when you become one of the big boys. The bid for a wider market reach often yields the death of innovation and a far more rigid approach to game design. Well, just as long as the end product is hella fun, we shouldn't object that much really.
Hopefully the developers will either ditch the hokey sports concept or flesh it out fully the next time around, and hopefully they'll also put more effort into creating innovative and diverse gameplay and better weapons to match the great visuals, level design, and soundtrack. A series this important should lead the way in the field of first-person shooters, rather than coasting along on the strength of its good name and its fancy graphics. Though, while it's not all that it could have been, Unreal Tournament 2003 does deliver tons of bloody, in-your-face combat in some beautifully designed arenas, and sometimes that's all you need for a really fun game.
MacintoshInside Mac Games (IMG)
What's there to say about this game? It's not groundbreaking, it's not original -- but it's one fantastic sequel! If you like the genre, if you like the previous games, and if your machine can handle the pressure, this is a must-have multiplayer FPS. With lots of gameplay modes, scores of downloadable maps, hundreds of free servers online and spectacular eye candy, you can't go wrong. It'll be keeping me busy until the day UT2004 bangs down my door.
WindowsGameplay (Benelux)
Grafisch het knapste spel van het moment, maar op gebied van gameplay zo goed als identiek aan zijn voorganger...
Regret doar faptul că nu a fost atât de inovativ pe cât mă așteptam să fie și s-a pus accent masiv doar pe dezvoltarea din punct de vedere grafic. Oricum, dacă ești fan eye candy, merită ca acest joc să existe în palmaresul tău. Este, ca să spunem ca americanul, un „must have”.
UT 2003 ist meiner Meinung nach ein gelungener Shooter, der fast keine Wünsche offen lässt. Leider kann man die bombastische Grafik nur mit Hardware der höheren Klasse genießen. Aber auch wenn die Details nicht voll aufgedreht sind, macht das Spiel einiges her. Wie UT wird auch der Nachfolger mithilfe der aktiven Community zum Langzeiterfolg werden. Ich freue mich schon jetzt über die zahlreichen Mods und Maps die mit Sicherheit noch folgen werden. Wer also auf bombastische Grafik und atemberaubende Gefechte abfährt, kann sicher sein mit dem kauf von Unreal Tournament 2003 keinen fehlgriff zu tun.
Give the Unreal Tournament 2003 Demo a whirl and within ten minutes you'll know if this is the game for you. It's a graphically unmatched version of the same fast-paced competitive first-person action we've been playing for years. If you can't get enough of DM and CTF -- and you know who you are! -- you'll be able to overlook UT2003's small flaws and you'll have hours of delicious competition to look forward to. If you're looking for a whole new gameplay experience, it's best to look elsewhere. Regardless, with the upcoming Doom III offering such a limited multiplayer experience, and Quake 4's multiplayer plans still unkown and way off in the distance, it's pretty clear that UT2003 and its inevitable sequels have the makings of becoming the de-facto competition game for years to come.
WindowsSuper Play (Sweden)
Unreal Tournament 2003 kommer leva lika länge som föregångaren, men den här gången känns det lite mindre fräscht, den nya grafiken till trots. Det är faktiskt bara samma spel i ny förpackning.
WindowsAdrenaline Vault, The (AVault)
While Unreal Tournament 2003 doesn’t revolutionize its genre, it contains beautifully presented high-speed action that first-person shooter fans crave. If you were hopelessly addicted to the original Unreal Tournament, then its sequel should occupy you for at least the same amount of time. Just don’t expect it to change the way you’ll play.
Men den som ännu inte är invigd i våldssporten, däremot, har mycket att hämta i UT2003 - samma gamla goda våldsunderhållning i ny lyxförpackning. Det är bara så synd. Så onödigt. Den grafiska evolutionen har kommit ljusår sedan Unreal Tournament släpptes, den saken råder det ingen tvekan om. Att det spelmässiga tagit ett steg tillbaka (eller åt fel håll), är dock något jag har svårt att förlåta. Flytet, de klockrena vapnen och utmärkta kartorna från originalet är ovanligt eller helt frånvarande i UT2003. Visst, det är ett bra spel, och har man inte spelat originalet vet man inte vad man går miste om. Men för mig som gjorde det kommer resultatet som en besvikelse. Det är upp till Unreal 2 nu.
WindowsJoystick (French)
C'est simple à prendre en main, c'est violent, c'est rapide, la réalisation est parfaite : il n'en faudra pas plus à Unreal Tournament 2003 pour devenir en cette fin d'année le roi du shoot 3D, vu que les concurrents n'arriveront pas avant 2003. Il y a bien une campagne solo, mais c'est essentiellement pour le multijoueur qu'il faut acheter ce titre. Là, avec ses armes pêchues, ses cartes variées et ses modes de jeu par équipe, le jeu livrera tout son potentiel et devrait satisfaire n'importe quel amateur du genre. Un honorable successeur à Quake 3 Arena et Unreal Tournament.
WindowsComputer Gaming World (CGW)
Major improvement in sound and graphics from predecessor, but very little true gameplay innovation.
Although the Mac version is missing the official Map Editor and is taxed by unusually steep system requirements, there is much here for Mac gamers to enjoy.
Non, UT2003 n'est pas le shoot ultime que j'attendais. Ce n'est pas non plus le jeu de frag révolutionnaire. L'éditeur a dû partir du principe qu'il ne fallait pas décevoir les fans et est resté, à mon humble avis, trop collé au jeu original. Bien sûr les nouveautés que sont l'adrénaline et les combos redonnent un coup de jeunesse un genre qui commence un peu à être éculé mais on aurait pu en espérer un peu plus du côté de l'innovation dans le gameplay. Je suis convaincu que UT2003 aura son fan-club, les accrocs du premier opus (dont je fais parti) ne seront certainement pas déçus du lifting du titre mais la lassitude risque de gagner rapidement les joueurs et je doute que UT2003 soit aussi pérenne que l'a été Unreal Tournament.
Bien sûr les nouveautés que sont l'adrénaline et les combos redonnent un coup de jeunesse un genre qui commence un peu à être éculé mais on aurait pu en espérer un peu plus du côté de l'innovation dans le gameplay. Je suis convaincu que UT2003 aura son fan-club, les accrocs du premier opus (dont je fais parti) ne seront certainement pas déçus du lifting du titre mais la lassitude risque de gagner rapidement les joueurs et je doute que UT2003 soit aussi pérenne que l'a été Unreal Tournament. La durée de vie de la campagne solo, à peine quelques jours en mode normal, freinera certainement les joueurs qui n'ont pas l'habitude de fréquenter le net et les Lan parties. UT2003 n'est pas un mauvais jeu, loin de là mais au regard de son prédécesseur, on s'attendait à plus innovant. On pourrait citer la fable de la Fontaine version 2003 : "Rien ne sert d'avoir de beaux graphismes, il faut s'occuper du gameplay".
MacintoshMac Gamer
When the day is done, one has to ask oneself if the world really need another deathmatch game. Certainly Unreal Tournament (either the original or the 2003 flavor) is a viable contender for one of the greatest deathmatch games ever made, but so was the original Unreal Tournament. One can't even really say that UT 2K3 actually perfects the worn-out deathmatch genre, as that too seems to have been accomplished years ago by its predecessor. In the end analysis, this game is like eating vanilla ice cream; even though it's really good quality, it's so very familiar that one can't help but desperately crave a few surprises to complement the souped-up graphics.
WindowsArmchair Empire, The
Unreal Tournament 2003 joins the ranks of technology-driven titles that repackage core gameplay values with updated visual content. There's nothing terribly new about this first person deathmatch, but cynicisms aside, it's still a lot of fun.
I said earlier that I don't understand the appeal of games like this, but that's not exactly true. When a game looks this good and has this much action, it pretty much has to be successful at pulling you out of your world and into its own. The only problem is that the world of Unreal Tournament 2003 is constantly the same thing, just with different scenery. Run, jump, shoot. Run, jump, get shot. Sure, you can develop all the strategies you like, but, in the end, it's all about who has the twitchiest finger. This is the kind of game you have to play a lot in order to become any good, so those who can't play it two or three hours a night are often left to wonder exactly how big there head is that makes it so easy to hit.