Unstoppable Gorg Screenshots

User Screenshots

iPad version

Game loading screen
Title and main menu
Between-level loading screen
Opening movie
Set your defenses before the enemy attack.
Here they come
They have bypassed my defense satellites and are attacking my base.
Things are not looking good
Oh, dear!

Windows version

There was a competition for a real-life poster featuring a version of this image.
No! I give up, that's too big of an army.
Briefing room.
Mission start. I can choose six satellites and enhance their power using six research points.
The Gorg attacking in tandem with the Brain Riders.
The Sunbot space ships look like old cars.
See what I mean?
Medals! You can't survive life without them.
Powerful, but also pricey.
Arcade mode. It gets more insane with each wave.
You, sir, are displaying an appropriate attitude for a being living on the sun.
Will do better next time.
The mothership itself is attacking.
A repair satellite doing its job.
It's very important to position your satellites correctly. It can save you both your base and your money.
You probably can't notice this, but I have no control on the orbits in this chapter. They're spinning around on their own.