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Windows version

Initial loading screen
Mel seems to get every ailment known.
Loading screen
Enter your name, Doctor.
Main menu
Level order
The Scan-O-Matic
Select a level.
Explaining about Poptozoa.
Level 1
I matched some Poptozoa.
I have cleared all the viruses.
Level 1 complete
Explaining about how to remove gunk.
Level 2. I need to clear all the gunk.
I have cleared some gunk.
A bonus item. If I click it, all the shaded areas explode.
Gunk completed. Success!
Disease cured!
My bill
I have identified a new disease.
I can buy a medical product from salesman Ed.
I used my new medical item to remove the last gunk from this level.
Mel's tennis elbow is cured.
Another new disease, Restless Mouth
I used a megapill. It clears almost one fourth of the level.
Using another medical item. This clears all the gunk from one vertical row.
I clicked the Fresh Start box. It will re-order the items in the puzzle.

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