Urban Chaos

Urban Chaos Screenshots

Dreamcast version

Title Screen that has nothing to do with twins
Opening Cinematic
Mission Select
Mission Briefing
Loading Screen with progress bar
The Chaos of falling leaves
The Urban of getting your car stuck
Beating up an offenseless pizza boy
Sweet mother of Bambi what happened to his face!?
The sirens give crooks a chance to escape.
You can sigh a sigh of relief, you can blow up barrels in this game
Urban Chaos meets Suburban Rest
Bloody Footprints
You can drive on hills, if only this game were less urban

Urban Chaos Screenshots

PlayStation version

Main menu
Level selection
The physical training course will teach you movement.
Inside the police station
Patrolling the streets.
Moving a car to the station.
Beating up a mugger.

Urban Chaos Screenshots

Windows version

Mucky Foot Productions
FMV Intro
Main menu
Briefing - Mission 1
Fighting multiple hoodlums
Returning a vehicle to the station!