Urban Runner Screenshots (Windows 3.x)

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Windows 3.x version

Intro-Sauna (crime scene)
Intro-Run Max run
Intro-SIERRA presents... (that is Max when running)
Intro-...Urban Runner (main screen)
Warehouse - So this is what warehouse looks like
Warehouse -This brick is weird
Warehouse-Our hero, Max
Warehouse-Now this isn't good bodyguard. Run!
Your friend's flat-Max and Adda
Warehouse-What the hell is that machine?
Saving a game in one of 40 available slots
Use the 3D option to magnify and manipulate inventory objects
Max finds a thug in his apartment.
The cityscape is only shown when you die.
Max, in his hiding place
Lobby of the Buena Vista Hotel. How can Max get upstairs?
One of the hotel customers may be able to help you.
Max and Adda's relationship gets intimate quickly.
Watch the pop-up videos carefully to see when it is safe to leave your hiding place.
Max and Adda working together
Max, trying to enter the Zanzibar Club.
During some parts, you can choose which character to play first.
You can switch between the characters. Here, in a timed sequence, Max must deal with a chauffer.
Exploring a secret lab.
Nice actress
Run away for your life