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    November 15th, 1942

    The cold arctic wind stings your hands and face - and the winter is just beginning. It is the second winter of the Russo-German War...a time of desperate, fluid battles of punch and counter-punch, siege and rescue, amid the frozen swamps and lakes of North-Central Russia.

    V for Victory - Game 2, Velikiye Luki, takes the series East to the Russian Front of WWII. As the German commander, you must rescue your encircled forces that are holding out at the ancient fortress town of Velikiye Luki, while protecting the Vitebsk-Leningrad railroad, vital to the supply of Army Group North. Or, as the Russian commander, you must take Vilikiye Luki and advance to the railroad, to cut off and destroy the Fascist invaders.

    Lead your forces against the computer or another player. Test your skills as a WWII combat commander in seven scenarios of increasing difficulty:

    • To the Rescue: The 8th Panzer Division attacks to save the besieged garrison at the railroad town of Novosokolniki, threatened by Russian ski and armored units.
    • Into the City: Russian infantry strong artillery support penetrates into the heart of Velikiye Luki in a bid to take the city before the German relief force can arrive.
    • Fortress in the Snow: Several German divisions attempt to break the Russian stranglehold on Velikiye Luki and rescue its hard-pressed defenders.
    • Eight More Kilometers: Only eight kilometer separate the German relief force from the encircled garrison at Velikiye Luki. Can the panzers make it through this time?
    • Last Chance: The German forces surrounded at Velikiy Luki are nearly out of food, ammunition, and water. This is the last chance for the German player to rescue them.
    • Red Storm: Six Russian divisions smash the German front line and surround Velikiye Luki, threatening its garrison with annihilation.
    • Campaign Game: This long and all-encompassing scenario covers the entire campaign for Velikiye Luki - the ultimate test of your abilities as a WWII field commander.

    V for Victory: Velikiye Luki also includes numerous options and historical variants. Select one or more of them in combination for dozens of different scenarios.

    "A Landmark in Computer Wargamming"
    The critically acclaimed V for Victory series sets a new standard for computer wargames. It is the most complete, accurate, and realistic simulation of large scale WWII ground combat ever produced. Yet V for Victory is remarkably easy to learn and play.


    • Playing area is an authentic, full color scrolling map of the Velikiye Luki area of North-Central Russia. 12 different terrain types, including forest, hill, lake, and river.

    • Over 600 military units including air and land forces divided into 9 major types of units and over 60 subtypes. Player has complete control over individual units but can delegate certain responsibilities to a Staff Assistant.

    • 9 types of combat, including probes, air attacks, and all-out assaults, and 8 kinds of offensive and defensive artillery missions.

    • Detailed weather effects and weather forecasts, including temperature, light freeze, hard freeze, and deep snow. Map graphics change along with weather conditions.

    • Player can assume either German or Russian command, and play against the computer or another player.

    • Options "limited intelligence" feature provides varying amounts of information about enemy activity, allowing for more realistic play.

    • Realistic traffic control allows for "military gridlock" during logistical operations.

    • Extensive campaign analyses and historical background information.

    • 7 scenarios of varying difficulty, including an introductory scenario and the complete "Campaign Game".

    • 13 historical variants, including German air superiority and additional units for both sides.

    • Includes Russian Guards, ski brigades, and horse cavalry units.

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