V-Rally 3 Screenshots

User Screenshots

Windows version

Main menu
Car data
Career mode
Lancer Evolution VII
Time trial (low detail)
you got mail.
(flat) visitors.
a tunnel.
my car is broken.
yes. obviously.
meet the... erm... us.
nice. you can open all doors.
a skinny lady.
uh oh.
at the beach.

Xbox version

Title and logos screen
Main menu with dynamic in-game background
After you've created your driver, you can start a career
Selecting a quick race track
Opel Corsa, note how you can open doors and hood with analog stick
There's plenty of cars to select sorted through couple of ranges
Looking at car data sheet
Right curve ahead (check the rear bumper damage, you can tear your car to shreds with some bad driving)
Driving on the roof equals no driving, as usual
Switching to a cockpit view for more adrenaline
Reaching the beach, and the bumper's long gone