Valiant Hearts: The Great War

Valiant Hearts: The Great War Screenshots

Android version

Title Screen
One of the pages of in-game comics about Walt the dog's life before the war (in Russian)
German farmer Karl was deported from France by French government (in Russian)
Frenchman Emile was enlisted to army (in Russian)
One of the numerous historical pages (in Russian)
Orchestra is supporting the train to war with a music
Emile is running to the enemies holding a flag
Examining the enemy position through binoculars
American Freddie is cutting the wires
Freddie is hiding from enemy fire
The enemy flag is captured and destroyed by Freddie
Baron Von Dorf is celebrating, while Emile is a prisoner
Emile and Walt the dog are meeting each other
Freddie is communicating with Indian soldier
Emile and Walt are going to deactivate German's gas machine
Heroes are saved by Anne driving a car
Emile is guiding Walt to provide him with grenades
The important scientist was saved by baron von Dorf
Freddie was hit by the bomb on the streets of French town
Certain citizens are crying to save their souls, and Emile should help them
Emile with a help of local citizens are unblocking the underground passage
Emile is fighting with baron von Dorf in the cathedral with help of organ tubes
Freddie against the baron von Dorf and his zeppelin
Following the crashing zeppelin by the car
Still quiet night for Anne in Paris, the dove is carrying the key
Anne is healing Karl with QTE sequence
Emile was set free in Rheims (in Russian)
Emile and Freddie are collaborating to make a precise artillery strike
Emile and Freddie were awarded for their outstanding actions (in Russian)
Walt will help to cross the mine field
Baron von Dorf uses the fire to hit Freddie
The scientist was set free by Freddie
The true love of Freddie in Paris
Driving a tank and avoiding enemy planes
Freddie has smashed baron von Dorf's face
German Karl was trying to get to his family in France, but arrested by French
Karl is sneaking behind Frenches in the village
Karl has ordered to get a bottle of wine for the officer
Driving away from tank and dodging its strikes
Karl is going to get papers
Karl and Walt on their way
British pilots are involved in the war as well (in Russian)
Freddie is aiming the rockets
Karl is entering the house filled with gas
Emile is digging the passage underground avoiding the contacts with bombs
Some officers become annoying to the soldiers
Walt has found Karl and his family to save them from gas (in Russian)
Anne is visiting Karl in the hospital
Karl's son is a happiest person on meeting with his father (in Russian)
Casualties of war (in Russian)

Valiant Hearts: The Great War Screenshots

iPad version

Title screen
Main menu
Level select
Mission cut-scene
Three of the five playable main characters: Emile, Freddie and the dog Walt
Search for something to get Walt on higher ground.
Tap on the highlighted symbol to attach the basket.
One of the few driving missions. Tap on the left side to steer into that direction, tab right to go the other way.
Saved by Anne, one of the other characters.
Found hidden items can be watched at in this menu, as well some info about the real events the mission is based on.

Valiant Hearts: The Great War Screenshots

Windows version

Game title
In 1914 a global war conflict begins in Europe as Germany declares war upon Russia
Main menu
As the war begins, Karl is deported from France and separated with his wife Marie
Marie's father, Emile, undergoes a brief military training
One of historical facts
The characters communicate in visual messages
Game characters write down notes during the course of the game
Emile's first attack with French army. This is an action segment, you have to dodge the falling bombs
Freddie can cut the barbed wire
That machine-gun nest is blocking the attack
The main antagonist, Baron Von Dorf
Found one of collectible items
I need to distract those soldiers somehow
Walt the dog will become Emile's best friend
Cooking some sausages
The wounded soldier directs Emile to where he needs to go
Emile is good at digging, but he has to be extra careful
Germans use the terrible mustard gas near Ypres
Walt can perform simple, but invaluable tasks like pulling levers
German mustard gas machine (must be historically correct)
Driving and dodging sequence
Sneaking behind enemy lines
Aiming at the sniper
Freddie rushes through the city under heavy bombardment
Emile helps people in a ruined city
A boss fight
Hmm, now I just need to find something that fits
Anna's skill is QTE medicine
Anna arrives at the front and the game gets darker in tone
Dry socks were almost the best currency in the trenches
Careful timing is needed at the frontline
There's a three-level help available for every puzzle
German tank
Sheep make a decent cover
Intense battle
This time we've got some dynamite to throw
Freddie is pushing a wagon as a cover for himself and fellow soldiers
The house is filled with gas and it's very hard to see
As the war escalates, we see more and more gruesome scenes