Valis: The Fantasm Soldier Screenshots

User Screenshots

FM-7 version

Title screen
Organic level; dangerous enemies

MSX version

Title screen
Intro is composed of gameplay demos
Starting the game
You can jump over buildings
In front of a school
Game Over
Falling down...
In the sewers

NES version

Title screen
Part one of the short intro
I said it was short.
Yuko makes a high jump
Fighting off more flying mice
And here are some flying octopuses
Oh no, Yuko is dead
So dead, it's game over.
You can also walk in the opposite direction.
Enter the building by walking to the edge of the screen.
Flying enemies.
A telephone boot
You're dead.

PC-98 version

Title screen
Reiko. Dig the color!
Credits, credits...
Slowly, but surely this turns into complete gibberish :)
Let's go!
"Game is over" :)

Sharp X1 version

Title screen
Intro, that's the main hero of the game Yuko Ahso
And that's Reiko
Let's start
At the start you can only melee kill the enemies with the sword
Powered up to level 2, the sword fires two projectiles