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Xbox 360HonestGamers (Oct 30, 2013)
Vampire Rain doesn’t belong on all the top ten worst games ever lists that cringeworthy hacks continue to push onto a disinterested audience. It just doesn’t really belong on anyone’s wishlist either.
PlayStation 3Gamers' Temple, The (2008)
The game has many flaws and it can get boring and repetitive at times, but it's worth a look as a stealth title. I would actually recommend trying it at least once if you're a stealth fan. The beginning levels are kind of a turnoff with their sneaking approach but the later levels kick up the gameplay with some added variety in actually being able to take down your enemies instead of being forced to sneak past them quietly. The whole game has tons of trial-and-error gameplay, so be aware of this as well. There are a few online modes that revolve around the usual - Capture the Flag ("Capture the "Flame"), Deathmatch and Team Deathmatch. Two modes allow a player to play as a nightwalker as well. Even though Vampire Rain: Altered Species is not exactly the most ground breaking stealth title with its many problems and overall mediocre stealth, it isn't all that bad if you give it a chance.
Xbox (Jul 01, 2007)
Hassliebe. Mit diesem Wort lässt sich mein Verhältnis zu Vampire Rain am besten beschreiben. Der Ansatz, Stealth-Action mit Horror zu verbinden, ist löblich, neu und prinzipiell gut umgesetzt. Immer wieder kommt –hauptsächlich durch die spartanische Akustik- Spannung auf. Doch die wird bedingt durch Designmängel immer wieder ungewollt und vor allem viel zu schnell aufgelöst. Eine steile Lernkurve, ein unnachgiebiges Trial-and-Error-Prinzip, das keinerlei Freiheiten zulässt, eine zweifelhafte Kollisionsabfrage: Durch diese und zahlreiche andere Schwächen, die eher an frühe Vertreter der letzten Konsolengeneration erinnern, werde ich immer wieder aus dem Spiel herausgerissen. Da auch die Kulisse einen teilweise schmerzhaften Spagat zwischen alter und neuer Grafikgeneration hinlegt und nie wirklich überzeugt, werde ich auch in dieser Hinsicht nicht das Gefühl los, dass die Blutsauger-Jagd auf einer alten Konsole besser aufgehoben wäre.
PlayStation 3Cheat Code Central (2008)
Vampire Rain is a drab-looking game, and not just because of the weather effects. The streets are low res, empty, flat, and architecturally unimaginative. The character models are basic and repetitive. They animate awkwardly. The voiceovers are a mixed bag of over-the-top camp and weak recitation. Only the ambient music shows any sign of effort and originality. The general lack of production values is inconsistent with a current-gen console game. Even at the reduced price, you aren't getting what you pay for. Like the vampires portrayed here, this game just plain sucks.
Xbox 360TTGamer (Aug 10, 2007)
In case I have not been clear enough to this point, Vampire Rain isn't a very good game. The storyline and characters are cliche ridden and unimaginative, the gameplay is generic and gaping with many missed opportunities, and the graphics and attention to detail in almost every aspect don't stand out at all. It's not a complete miss though, as if you absolutely love stealth gaming there is probably enough here for a rental, but I don't think anyone other than hardcore stealth lovers will find any enjoyment here.
Xbox 360G4 TV: X-Play (Aug 27, 2007)
The one shining moment through all this is the decent online multiplayer mode included. It’s pretty vanilla, but it runs great. Plus it’s possible to turn into a nightwalker should you be a bit too slow on the draw. It’s a very cool feature. Otherwise, Vampire Rain doesn’t deliver at all. Even with most of the aforementioned problems fixed, the game would be average at best. But with all the issues it suffers, it’s not even worth a look.
PlayStation 3ZTGameDomain (2008)
Vampire Rain: Altered Species has a lot working against it. Substandard AI, deficient visuals, exasperating difficulty and a host of other problems that make you wonder how much effort and care was actually poured into the game. While the online is rather enjoyable once it gets going, the community is far too small to keep things fresh for long. Even with a new subtitle and a change of scenery on the front of the box don't be tricked into this game's deception. Altered Species is a text book example of how to do almost everything wrong, while doing very little right.
Xbox (Jul 30, 2007)
In short, Vampire Rain should be avoided at all costs. There are plenty of other alternatives out there if you’re in search of a stealth or horror game, and with the price tag of $60 there’s absolutely no way you can justify purchasing such a shoddy title. Rent an old Splinter Cell or Metal Gear Solid if you have a craving for stealth because Vampire Rain will do nothing but disappoint.
PlayStation (Oct 30, 2008)
Schon vor gut 15 Monaten auf der 360 konnte sich der auf dem Papier viel versprechende Mix aus Stealth-Action und Horror als technisch wenig zeitgemäß und spielerisch unfertig nur mit einer unterdurchschnittlichen Wertung aus der Affäre ziehen. Dennoch: Als Grübelspiel mit Vampir-Hintergrund und in besten Momenten B-Film-Charme konnte man z.B. das Trial-und-Error-System und den sehr fordernden Schwierigkeitsgrad noch einigermaßen akzeptieren - und das funktioniert auch jetzt noch. Da Artoon die Zeit bis zur PS3-Version damit verschwendet hat, den Schwierigkeitsgrad und damit die Spannungskurve nach unten zu schrauben, anstatt die Kulisse etwas aufzupeppen, hinken die Spitzzähne der versammelten Konkurrenz gnadenlos hinterher - in jeder Hinsicht. Metal Gear Solid 4 ist schleichiger, Dead Space ist gruseliger, beide sehen um Welten besser aus und als Puzzler findet man im PlayStation Network ausreichend günstige Alternativen.
PlayStation 3Worth Playing (Sep 12, 2008)
Vampire Rain: Altered Species is a neat idea with some of the worst execution I've seen on the PlayStation 3. The title has an incoherent story, bad graphics, bad voice acting, bad level design, extremely linear gameplay for a stealth title, and a level of difficulty that seems more dumb than difficult. Looking at the box, it's clear that Vampire Rain on the PlayStation 3 was meant to trick people. Artoon knows that they have a bad game, so they made the "Altered Species" portion of the title much larger than "Vampire Rain," perhaps in hopes of tricking people into thinking that this is a new and shiny sequel. It's not. This is the same garbage that was available on the 360 last year, and it should also be avoided on the PS3.
PlayStation 3GameSpot (Sep 08, 2008)
Now let's go back to hoping that this is the end of the Vampire Rain series. But just to be absolutely sure that nobody has any bright ideas about summoning the game back from the grave for a third go-round, please hang some garlic over your Wii.
Xbox 360GameSpot (Jul 23, 2007)
It's entirely reasonable to look at Vampire Rain's concept and hope for something good to come of it. It may be a Splinter Cell also-ran, but the bloodsucking enemies and gorier moments give it a sufficient level of intrigue for the horror crowd. Too bad that any unlucky souls forced to trudge through this masochistically awful adventure would likely drive a stake through their own heart less than an hour in. Here's hoping someone sees the potential in future genre mash-ups like this one--ideally someone with a better game design.
Xbox (UK) (Jun 27, 2007)
As the back of the box says: Identify (that the game's a bit rubbish). Eliminate (it off your shopping list). Survive (with your dignity intact).
Xbox 360GameSpy (Aug 08, 2007)
Those who don't bash the disc into its base elements within the first few hours will inevitably reach a state of mystic karma where the zombified freaks die and the game isn't as cripplingly awful as it once was. Or they may opt for an Xbox Live session in which the painful concept of the single-player game is sadistically continued. But for the vast majority of us, the inherent mechanical and logistical hassles -- not to mention the 90s-era graphics -- will have taken a terrible toll. When a game is more work than fun, and when that work is infinitely more maddening than rewarding, you must play a different game.
PlayStation 3Hellbored (Oct 14, 2008)
Needless to say this game was a huge disappointment. I was prepared for a let down, but still, it really is a great idea and I wanted it to work so badly. What confounds me completely is how the game requires 3.8 gig of hard drive space to install?! I admit I haven’t finished the game, but unless there are 918 levels I can not for the life of me work out what was on the installation that could require such a massive amount of space? I am so glad I didn’t have to pay for this game. However if you are reading this and did buy it, well, I bet your face is red...and I hope you kept the receipt!
PlayStation 3GameFocus (Oct 06, 2008)
This game is dead on arrival: boring and unforgiving gameplay, dated last-gen graphics, horrible script, and stiff voice-acting. Online play is practically a joke as you can’t find anybody to play with.! There are simply no redeeming qualities in this game and it will probably be hitting the bargain bin pretty soon. As far a vampire games go, this one truly sucks.
PlayStation 3IGN (Sep 05, 2008)
No matter which angle you decide to look at Vampire Rain: Altered Species from, the game is bad. The graphics scream PS2. Sounds such as the death groan and boss grunts are laughable. The story is boring. The acting is hammed up in the worst way. The HUD is hideous. The levels are linear. The majority of weapons are useless. The AI is retarded. The enemies are too powerful while the bosses are too weak.
Xbox 360Game Informer Magazine (Sep, 2007)
Multiplayer is slightly better simply because you can actually attack everybody and take control of a Nightwalker. It's just sad that being allowed to fight is one of the few positive things a game has going for it.
Xbox 360Armchair Empire, The (Aug 07, 2007)
In Vampire Rain it only takes a splint second to be detected and another full second to be slaughtered because of the underpowered weapons and inability to make a hasty retreat. This leads to an extraordinary amount of frustration as missions need to constantly be restarted because of one misstep, so unless you’re interested in being constantly frustrated after slowly creeping through a level – shimming up drain pipes, sideling along edges, hiding behind cars, etc. the animation is pretty good – there’s no point in giving Vampire Rain an even break or even a second glance if you’re thinking of a rental – no matter how much of a hardcore stealth fan you might be.
Xbox (Jul 04, 2007)
Rien à sauver dans Vampire Rain qui nous impose un gameplay mou et sans intérêt, plombé par des mécaniques de jeu qui n'ont pas de sens et un level design faussement ouvert. Si l'idée de Artoon de mélanger Splinter cell et des vampires n'était pas mauvaise, quelqu'un aurait surtout dû leur dire qu'une idée, ça ne suffit pas.
Xbox 360IGN (Jul 20, 2007)
Vampire Rain was a concept that looked great on paper. A stealth game with vampires? Excellent! Unfortunately, the end result is an abomination of a videogame that doesn't even deserve a rental. Stay far away from this one--though if you get close, the enemies probably won't even see you.
Xbox 360Game Informer Magazine (Sep, 2007)
In concept, Vampire rain sounds like a Tsui Hark film but its gameplay is of the same quality as Vampire in Brooklyn.
PlayStation 33D Juegos (Oct 16, 2008)
A menudo la gente se queja de lo caros que son los videojuegos, pero pagar 70 euros por un gran título no le sienta mal a casi nadie. En cambio Vampire Rain cuesta 60€, lo cual viendo su calidad es poco menos que insultante. Si después de leerte este análisis sigues creyendo que el videojuego merece una oportunidad luego no digas que no te lo advertimos…Un título no sólo para olvidar, sino también a evitar.
PlayStation (Sep 08, 2008)
Is it possible that an updated game could be worse than the one it was spawned from? The year of development could have been focused on a better gameplay experience, but was squandered on useless weapons and minimal graphic updates. I can't think of a reason why this game was made, and even less reason why it was ported. Avoid.
PlayStation 3GamingExcellence (Feb 09, 2009)
If you manage to get through the single player campaign, there is an online multiplayer, but no one will be playing it. Oh, and did I mention that the game requires you to endure a 30 minute install onto the PS3 hard drive? What it does, I’m not entirely sure, as the load times are still quite lengthy, but maybe it’s just the game’s way of telling you to go do something else...anything else. Vampire Rain: Altered Species is truly a terrible game, offering horrendous gameplay, atrocious AI, and an overall unpleasant experience. If you are that desperate to play with vampires, I suggest you go break out some old Halloween costumes - I guarantee you’ll have more fun.
PlayStation 3GameDaily (Sep 29, 2008)
All of this boils down to a game that is way beyond mediocre. Vampire Rain: Altered Species, however, reeks. Regardless of your tastes, this is not a game to sink your teeth into.
PlayStation (Oct 04, 2008)
The thing is, I could go on and on about how bad this game is. But I am going to stop this review here because I do not want it to receive any more recognition. Everything about this game sucks. About 90% of PS2 games look better than this, I heard much better music and sound effects on the NES, and the gameplay is so slow and unbalanced I actually have more fun vacuuming my house. There should be a restraining order against this game: it is not to come within 1 mile of any PS3 system. Stay away.
Xbox (Aug 03, 2007)
Vampire Rain is abysmally bad. Though the graphics are semi-nice, the gameplay is what shoves a stake deep into what passes for this title’s heart. A game which has you sneaking through a vampire-infested city should feel a lot more freeform than this title does, which is constraining, way too linear, frustrating, and paired with one of the worst narratives this side of a season-3 Forever Knight marathon. I’m hoping Artoon will learn from their errors here if a sequel comes to mind, though I imagine this game’s chances of getting a sequel run about the same as Kindred: The Embraced getting renewed. I advise egregiously against buying this game, renting it, borrowing it, or even walking past it on the EB shelf without showering within 30 minutes of exposure.
Xbox (Jul 27, 2007)
Being a video game reviewer is definitely a great job... most of the time. I've played Extreme Skydiving and The Simpsons Wrestling. This game can't possibly be worse than those two, can it? It is. In the end, the game suffers from the biggest sin you could think of: It’s just not fun to play. Derivative design, illogical gameplay concepts, overpowering enemies, hit or miss stealth, and useless weapons all add up to, literally, one of the worst games I have ever played. AVOID.
PlayStation 31UP (Sep 09, 2008)
Frequent continuity issues compound things even further. At the end of one stage, I had a ton of ammo and weapons, but I entered the next area with no ammo whatsoever -- keep in mind, this game is supposed to take place over one night, with your character ping-ponging between four areas with a crew of agents. I'm having a hard time trying to place Vampire Rain's ambit of gameplay in an appropriate generation of gaming -- it features PS2-level visuals, the clumsy mechanics of Atari Jaguar games, and the A.I. of Solitaire. Perhaps it's best just to put it in the wise words of the prophetic Missy Elliot: I, too, can't stand the Rain.