Vampire Saga: Pandora's Box Screenshots

User Screenshots

iPad version

Title / main menu
Taxi to Grandpa's
Game start - Grandpa's house
Outside Window - objects
Lock pick puzzle
House Foyer
Medicine Cabinet - objects
Cutscene talking with grandpa
Grandpa's story
Secretly boarded the ship Pandora
Main cargo hold - objects
Pandora's main deck
Pandor's bow
Bow - objects
Pandora's Cargo & Stern
Bridge stern - objects
Captian's cabin
Captian's cabin desk - objects
Crew cabin - objects
Pandora's Galley
Galley - objects
Repairing diving air compressor
Pandora's starboard ladder
Underwater diving
A dinghy still attached outside the captains cabin
Laura found below deck
Finally LAND!
Mummy SHOOT!!

iPhone version

Title and main menu
Arrived at my Grandfather's house. There is a hidden object area in the bushes on the right.
Searching the hidden object area
I have unlocked the door.
Inside the house is a disaster area
In the bathroom
Searching the hidden object area of the medicine cabinet/sink/bathtub.
Found your grandfather upstairs in a chair.

Windows version

Main menu
Phone call
Tyler Ward
Front porch of Grandpa Ward house
Fuse box
Close-up view of the front door
Pick-locking the entrance door.
Ruined staircase
Broken closet
Shotgun ammunition
Bathroom cabinet
Insulating the exposed wiring.
Comatose old man
Locked drawers
Grandfather close-up
Playing the grandfather flashback