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GenesisThe Video Game Critic (Apr 11, 2000)
It features 3-D scaling and morphing never seen before in a Genesis game. I don't know how Blue Sky did it, but they did a commendable job. The gameplay involves moving a funny green man made out of spheres through futuristic settings, blasting robots, and finding powerups. Certain icons allow Vectorman to morph into a drill, bomb, jet, or fish (just to name a few). Yes, we've seen this type of game before, but never done this well! The first stage is fairly typical side scrolling shooting action, but other stages feature incredible 3D action and wild vantage points. In one notable stage, you are on an elevated railroad track (with an overhead view), and a gigantic robot is trying to crush you from underneath. You have to witness this game to truly appreciate it. In addition to the graphics, the techno music is top notch, and the control is perfect. Finally, Vectorman is challenging and there are no continues. This is a true Genesis classic.
GenesisGamePro (US) (Nov, 1995)
These few inconsistencies don't even make a dent in this otherwise awesome game. If you're looking for fast action, fantastic scenery and rewarding gameplay, Vectorman has the balls you're looking for.
The graphics are stunning, the game design shows -- shock horror -- real imagination and it's hard enough to challenge any player, no matter how experienced (and jaded). One of the best releases of the year, and a great demonstration that, quite frankly, you can stick Bubsy the Bobcat up your arse.
GenesisGameFan Magazine (Nov, 1995)
What gets me about Vectorman is not only the groundbreaking special effects, but the sheer size of the game. Vectorman is as deep as it is long, delivering a mega-dose of vertical and horizontal platforming. Vectorman himself is one of the coolest "feeling" characters I've ever played and the control is pinpoint accurate. The only thing I wish V-Man had is more enemies. While the ones in there are good, I'd love to have seen more.
GenesisSega Saturn Magazine (Nov, 1995)
Rarely have machine, cart and joypad worked in such beautiful synchronisation. Few platform blasters can compete with Vectorman's exceptional smoothness and all-out weirdness.
GenesisMean Machines (Nov, 1995)
An excellent showcase for the best in Megadrive graphics and gameplay.
About to get rid of that Genesis in favor of a next-generation system? Don't act too rashly, kid, or you just might miss one of the coolest 16-bit games to be released this year --- a thoroughly fun cart by the name of Vectorman.
GenesisGame Players (Jan, 1996)
What makes Vectorman such a good action game is that it does all the small things right. The gameplay is sharp, while the creative controls keep the action going at a break-neck pace. The graphics are first class. There is also a lot to be said for the big enemies with good artificial intelligence. Vectorman will go down in history as an awesome action game, even if no one ends up remembering it as exactly revolutionary.
GenesisElectric Playground (1995)
Wow!!! What an incredible game! I caught a little of this action down at last May's E3 show but I was just not ready for this. Vectorman has got to be one of the slickest platform games ever released, for any system.
90 (Jun 27, 2004)
Overall, this is one title that is a perfect blend of shooting and platforming that gives you the best of both worlds. The controls is as smooth as silk, as is the animation. The graphics on the whole are breathtaking and, just like the sound of the game, must be experienced to be appreciated.
GenesisVideo Games (Oct, 1995)
Es ist kaum zu glauben, was Sega noch aus dem guten alten Mega Drive rausholt. Grafisch haut mich Vectorman richtig vom Hocker, es ist zwar kein Donkey Kong Country, wie von einigen Sega-Mitarbeitern gerne behauptet wird, aber die wahnsinnigen Regen-Effekte (Level 5) und die wechselnden Perspektiven in Stage zwei machen deutlich, daß die MD-Hardware immer noch für Überraschungen gut ist. Abgesehen von der brillanten Grafik, bietet Vectorman mehr Spielspaß als die meisten Action-Spiele, die ich dieses Jahr gesehen habe. Ihr seid ständig auf der Suche nach Extras und versteckten Eingängen, aus allen Richtungen attackieren Euch wunderbar animierte Roboter-Wesen. Dazwischen kommen immer wieder Spielabschnitte mit einer völlig neuen Spielidee wie z.B. die Disco-Stage.
WiiIGN (Sep 22, 2008)
It's still a mystery why it's taken this long for Vectorman to finally arrive on the American Virtual Console, especially when you consider it's been available for download in both the Japan and European territories since early last year. It had been so long since we'd heard anything about the status of this title, too, that we were already scheduling it to take a spot in an upcoming "Most Wanted/Where Are These Games Already?" list of potential VC releases. But now that Vectorman's officially on sale in the American Wii Shop, we can call off the search and rescue team and simply leave you with a firm recommendation -- it's a classic action title that's well worth an investment of 800 Wii Points.
GenesisSuper Power (Sweden) (Nov, 1995)
Det är inget revolutionerande och knappast originellt, men det är i alla fall välgjort, någorlunda varierande och framför allt spelbart. Och dessutom väldigt snyggt för att vara till Mega Drive. Vilket gör att jag gillar Vectorman,även om det inte direkt är något Sonic.
Most impressive! Vectorman totally blew me away with some of the most detailed graphics and heart-pound sounds I've ever seen on the Genesis. The animations of the characters in this game are fabulous and the large levels are loaded with tons of hidden areas and secrets. With a wide range of power-ups and the ability to transform yourself into many different forms, Vectorman is everything you could ask for in an action game.
GenesisComing Soon Magazine (Mar 14, 1996)
The year is 2049 and the earth has become a toxic waste dump. All of mankind has fled to the stars leaving behind an army of "Orbots" to clean up the mess. This already bleak picture of the future of our planet is worsened by careless maintenance drones accidentally replacing the orbot leader's head with a salvaged atomic bomb. The revamped orbot leader, aptly named WarHead, immediately orders (via television receivers) all the orbots on earth to stop cleaning up and start making weapons to use on the returning humans. Only one orbot, who obviously wasn't near a TV at the time, is unaffected by the new directives. That one orbot is you.... Vectorman.... and the future of the earth and the fate of humanity is in your hands. You must find and destroy the evil WarHead by following a trail of televisions around the earth.
GenesisMega Fun (Oct, 1995)
Segas wackerer Blechbulle ist sicherlich eine Bereicherung für den Videospielbereich. Die Mech-Ballerei lebt allerdings nicht vom einfallsreichen Leveldesign, sondern vielmehr von der effektvollen Technik, die von der langjährigen Erfahrung der Programmierer zeugt. Im Soundbereich sorgen wuchtige Schußgeräusche und dezente Techno-Beats für eine adäquat futuristische Sounduntermalung. In punkto Grafik sind die virtuosen Effekte teilweise erst auf den zweiten Blick erkennbar. Beispielsweise paßt sich der herrlich flüssig animierte Vectorman-Sprite durch Schatteneffekte grafisch der Umgebung an. wenn er durch eine dunklen Tunnel läuft. Durch den stimmigen technischen Rahmen wird der für meinen Geschmack etwas zu geradlinige Levelverlauf etwas aufgewogen. Innovative Highlights, wie z.B. die coole Zugbrückenfahrt im zweiten Level, sind nämlich leider selten.
WiiNintendo Life (Apr 06, 2007)
When compared to the likes of Contra III and Gunstar Heroes (which are champions in this genre) I feel Vectorman on the whole just falls short. It doesn't really add anything new but is still great fun to play all the same. If you've already purchased the aforementioned titles, then this should be high on your shopping list.
50 (UK) (Jun 09, 2007)
You're left with a rather plodding platformer, a bit like a duller, slower version of Strider with the athletic Soviet rebel replaced by a robot made of green balls. You can power up your weapon, and transform into different shapes, but there's nothing here that isn't done better in other games on the VC. It's not a bad game, as such, it's just a rather pointless title to revive for today's gamers.
GenesisHonestGamers (Dec 02, 2010)
I had high hopes for the stylish robot named Vectorman. He wasn’t able to reach them, sadly (double jump and all), but his adventure proved its worth in terms of its unique look, its hero's lithe movements and a healthy helping of well designed – if clumsily implemented – power-ups. But at the core of our mission, we are left with a very basic jump-and-shoot outing fraught with mindless running and shooting and no magical sights or sounds or adversaries to compel us to play through the banality. The aforementioned (and much older) NES classic Contra remains the gold standard; play that instead.