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TeleMatch (Sep, 1983)
So simpel die Handlung von Bedlam auch ist und so einfach sich die Grafik darbietet, so ist der herausfordernde Charakter doch sehr groß. Plötzlich pulsieren die geometrischen Sektoren, sie drehen sich und schrumpfen. Bedlam ist ein Spiel, das Vectrex-Freunden zu empfehlen ist wegen der Klarheit und Originalität des Spielablaufs.
The Video Game Critic (Sep 02, 2001)
It's very rare that I stumble across a game with as much originality as Bedlam. Its closest relative is probably Tempest, but there are more than enough unique features that set this game apart. In Bedlam, you control a ship in the middle of a star-shaped "vector". Your job is to shoot enemies which approach from each vertex. You can't move your ship; you can only rotate it. For emergency situations, you have one smart bomb per level. Clear a level, and you're whisked off to a more challenging stage. The first few stages are pretty uneventful, but in later levels, things start to get crazy. The vector begins to shrink, leaving you less room for error. Fortunately, you can push the edges back out by shooting them. Later stages feature ROTATING vectors. This not only makes the game more difficult, but it can make you dizzy as well. If you're tired of all the copy-cat shooters, Bedlam is a breath of fresh air.