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The underwater sounds and sights are magnificent, and the opening sequence in which your sub is launched is breathtaking. Unfortunately, the wait between encounters seems interminable, and looking at bits of ice floating around the screen can get very boring indeed. Also, if you run out of torpedoes and are still alive, you have no choice but to kill yourself— there is no way to replenish your supply. Nevertheless, these are minor faults that don't change the fact that Polar Rescue is a worthy addition to any Vectrex cartridge library.
TeleMatch (Feb, 1984)
Mit zunehmendem Beschädigungsgrad verringert sich die Manövrierfahigkeit; sie vergrößert sich aber wieder, je länger man trotz der Schäden im Spiel bleiben kann. Ein kleiner Pfeil, wichtiger noch ein „Beep“-Ton (dessen Intensität je nach Lage der Dinge zu- oder abnehmen kann), geben Aufschluß darüber, wo es etwas zu retten gibt. Letzteres tatsächlich zu tun, ist ungemein schwierig. Es sei denn, ich habe während des Testens absolut schlechte Stunden gehabt oder mich nicht in allerbester Verfassung befunden. Diese — unterstellte — auffallend große Schwierigkeit könnte dem Gesamteindruck ein wenig Abbruch tun, denn zu oft wird man zum Spielabbruch gezwungen. Aber das kann bei anderen Spielern anders sein...
Retro Game Reviews (Dec 29, 2015)
Polar Rescue should be commended for trying to do something different as it has tons of depth and there's nothing quite like it on the system. However, the gameplay just isn't very enjoyable and it needed more polish to remove its annoying quirks.
The Video Game Critic (Mar 01, 2005)
It's more confusing than fun. Worse yet, if you run out of torpedoes, you're pretty much screwed. Should you manage to locate a survivor pod, you must dock with it by moving extremely slow towards it. This exercise is far more tedious and aggravating than it should be. Once docked, a nice ramp extends to the pod and transports the survivor aboard. After that, the game goes into a brief "reverse instant replay" mode before proceeding to the next stage. I tried to give Polar Rescue a fair chance, but this game is simply not very fun.