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What Happens in Vegas stays in Vegas SNES Lawnmower Man (145)

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SNES 5 3.5
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Combined User Score 5 3.5

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SNESAll Game Guide (1998)
Some of the games may not appeal to all players, but the ones included are well done.
The incidents in the casino add much humor and great variety!
WiiIGN (Dec 06, 2007)
At the end of the day, Vegas Stakes neither turns in a loss or a significant gain – it simply is what it is, a casino sim with a fair variety of different gambling games and a bit of non-player character interaction thrown in as an aside. But as the first game of its type to hit the Virtual Console, it also serves as a potential proof of concept and call to action for digital download developers working on Wii.
SNES1UP! (Apr 15, 2016)
Vegas Stakes donne l'impression de n'avoir été fait qu'à moitié, juste assez pour nous appâter. Regardez mes jolis graphismes digitalisés, mes bruitages réalistes, mon atmosphère lourde et enfumée... venez, venez mes mignons ! Et puis vlan ! une fois la porte refermée, on se rend compte qu'on a vu l'essentiel du jeu en quelques minutes. Il n'y a qu'un seul développement dans "l'aventure" et peu de vraies surprises. HAL n'en a pas fait assez et Nintendo approuve. Après tout, ce n'est qu'un jeu d'argent, et pour nous comme pour eux, le but est le même: en gagner beaucoup sans trop en dépenser. Ils peuvent même jouer les moralisateurs en nous faisant remarquer qu'à leur pieux casino, quoiqu'on fasse, on est finalement toujours perdant.
WiiNintendo Life (Sep 01, 2007)
If you're a gambling fan, I highly recommend this title. If you're not, maybe you'll discover something good!
WiiGameSpot (Dec 14, 2007)
Father time has grabbed a switch off the tree and delivered a proverbial beat down to Vegas Stakes. When it originally came out for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System in 1993, this collection of five parlor classics was one of just a few gambling compilations available for home consoles. However, now that Nintendo has made Vegas Stakes available once again on the Wii's Virtual Console service, there are a near-infinite number of gambling collections out there for a multitude of platforms, and most of them provide a wider selection of casino staples than the ones included here.
SNESThe Video Game Critic (Jul 15, 2000)
The graphics are crisp and clean, and the games are easy to play. Unfortunately, you are constantly being interrupted by annoying people trying to sell you stuff, pick your pocket, beg for money. One guy even asks you to take him to the emergency room! Sometimes you can make money from these people, but it's still annoying. The games themselves play well, but there are annoying pauses, and you can't quit a game in progress (even after you folded in a game of poker). The only games I really enjoyed were the card games. Chance games like roulette and slots are really boring with no real money on the line. The multiplayer mode only lets you select from four games: slots, blackjack, roulette, and craps. The game also lets you move to different casinos, altering the background graphics and music. A battery backup saves your place. Vegas Stakes tries to take gambling to the next level, with mixed results.
30 (UK) (Sep 03, 2007)
Obviously the game is more interesting in multiplayer mode but if you peek over the fence at Xbox Live Arcade, and take a look at fully-featured online gambling games like Texas Hold 'Em, you can't help feeling that games like this just highlight the shortcomings of the Virtual Console while adding little of value.