Vegas Stakes Screenshots

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SNES version

Title screen.
Introduction frame – This is Las Vegas... :-D
File selection screen: where you'll save the accumulated wealth?
Cut-scene – You and its friends taking a word in the road.
Cut-scene – Golden Paradise Hotel & Casino is the first step to glory!
To enjoy all the advantages of a pre-high roller life, sign your name!
In your room, choose a friend to help you with game explanations and wager advices.
Inside of the casino: the most famous games of this genre are available to your amusement!
If a casino are boring, try others (the Laurel Palace will be unlocked later)!
Trusting Lady Luck in Blackjack.
Putting some coins in a Slot Machine.
Make big bets in Roulette: the prize possibilities are infinite!
Playing Craps: now, after you've made some wagers, the dealer rolls the dices: have you won or lost?
Seven-Card Stud Poker match in course: the opponents (as well as you) have good cards at hands!
Randomly, different people will talk with you, offering something...
Title Screen (Japanese)
A car full of friends travel to Las Vegas... (Japanese)
Players must enter their name to sign in at the desk (Japanese)
The player has four friends, but not enough time to spend with all of them, so give one a call and head down to the casino (Japanese)
The Casino Menu, from where games are chosen and other actions available (Japanese)