Velvet Assassin Screenshots

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Windows version

Main Menu
Loading Screen
Cutscenes advance the story (obviously).
I've got to wait in the shadows until the two split up.
If you go in for the kill everything gets blurry to obscure the rather gory details.
I died.
There's much stuff to be found in the levels - good for getting exp!
Time stops if you use morphine and you see yourself as you are in the real world right now.
Statistics, statistics, statistics
Yes, there are firearms - but don't count on using them much.
Perfect setup for the kill
The map of the current level
As every good agent you can peek through keyholes to see what's behind (in this case a German soldier).
Letters contain more or less useful information about your objective.
A room filled with poisonous gas.
The bunker is about to collapse thanks to a nicely planted bomb.
Your next goal is up in that bell-tower.
I see you!
Two guards talking down in the crypt.
Please keep looking away...
Found another hidden collectible.
The guy up left is my target.
Sometimes you have to use force.
Violette in a tight leather outfit at a harbor in Hamburg.
No gas around but you just can't be too careful.
A storage room full of guards.
Trying to escape the explosions is hard when soldiers stand in your way.
Remember that view - you won't see daylight again for a while.
Soldiers with flame-throwers are nasty and deadly.
The Warsaw Ghetto is not a pretty sight.
Yay, got another upgrade point!
Who shoots first? I did of course...
Soldiers and tanks everywhere.
This room of course belongs to an high-ranking officer.
Embrace the light and it will be on your side.
Violette drops the cyanide pill into the hole and comments on it.
The innkeeper with his wife and son...not a fun ending.
Found the secret objective in this level: A list of Nazi-collaborators.
The hospital is a dark and creepy - as every other place in the game.
Velvet has to escape in her underwear from the Nazis.

Xbox 360 version

Main menu.
Main title (opening cinematic).
Mission briefing tells about the events that have occurred.
There is no limitation to camera rotation, so you can see your character from all angles as well as the surroundings.
Your first kill is a drunken soldier, an easy target for the tutorial.
Wait until the guards split before you sneak in for a kill.
As you approach the killing point, the screen will fade towards red.
Don't forget to hide bodies from plain sight.
Collectibles can be find in a secluded areas in case you like exploring.
Collectibles vary from lighters, medals, and all kinds of trinkets, and finding each will grant you certain amount of experience.
When crawling through narrow passages game switches to 1st-person perspective.
Injecting morphine will render you invincible for a brief moment.
Loading screen shows Violette in different pose and outfit with random game-play tips.
Check lockers for weapons and items.
You can only carry one firearm at the time, and bullets are very hard to come by.
Pushing the crate to block the light and create a cover.
This games puts all the emphasis on lighting and shadows, so use them well.
Violet does not hesitate when it's time to strike.
It is recommended that you peek through the keyhole before entering a new room, you never know what awaits you on the other side.
Violet's strongest point is stealth, she is little to no good in a firefight.
Enjoying the view of the Paris despite the gloomy weather.
Sneaking past the patrols on the bridge.
Only head-shot will take the enemy soldier immediately, but even with silencer, nearby soldiers will soon come to investigate.
This flickering light made this guard hard to spot at first.
Mission map.
Different missions will require Violet to adjust accordingly, not to stand out too much.
Mission briefings are told through video albums.
Flare gun will kill the enemy with a single shot.
Observe patrolling patterns before you decide to get closer.
Right in front of him, lurking in the shadow.
There are a lot of civilians that Violette is trying to avenge.
Two guards mean one too much to handle... better wait for them to split or find a way around them.
Looking through the keyhole.
There are various killing moves which depend on the enemy, situation and weapon you have equipped.
Aiming with a sniper rifle.
Some guards carry flashlight and can spot you in the dark.
Smoking cigarette, unaware of an approaching assassin.
Violette is in a hospital and many missions will be played as her recollections.
Hiding in the closet.
You can use experience points to upgrade your character's skills.