Vera Cruz Screenshots

User Screenshots

Amstrad CPC version

Title Screen (French)
1st part (French)
Crime Scene (French)
Are you ready to proceed to 2nd part? (French)
Start to work with Telex machine (French)

Commodore 64 version

1st part Information (English)
Crime Scene (English)
Finding the Notebook...
Are you ready to proceed to 2nd part? (English)
2nd part (English)
The list of found objects...
Interrogating the Vera Cruz' neighbour...
Interrogating the caretaker, who founds the body...
Lyon police's file on Vera Cruz...
Interrogating friend of Vera Cruz
File on "Gypsy"
File on co-worker of Vera Cruz
Interrogating robbed jeweller and client of Vera Cruz
File on Jewelry hold-up
File on Gilles Blanc (suspect and robber)
Interrogating the friend of Gilles Blanc and another robber
Interrogating the drug pusher

DOS version

Title Screen.
Crime Scene.
Looking a Gun.

MSX version

Chapter selection
Loading screen
Murder scene
Object description

ZX Spectrum version

Loading Screen
The body
Examaning the room
Getting information