ZAP! POW! BOOM! Arcade Games for the Vic-20 Credits (VIC-20)

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ZAP! POW! BOOM! Arcade Games for the Vic-20 Credits


Book byTim Hartnell, Mark Ramshaw
We must pay tribute to the great programming contributions fromAdam Burbidge, Lance Burbidge, Christopher R. J. Hutber, M. Kendall, Graham Charlton, Ken Mahogany
LIFE invented byJohn Horton Conway
Mastermind devised byMordechai Meirovich
Noughts and Crosses based on a version written byStuart Roberts
Battle was written byChris Callender
Zociac Fortune Teller written byA. G. T. Stevens

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John Horton Conway, 6 other games

Credits for this game were contributed by Pseudo_Intellectual (59714)