Video Poker Slot Trivia (DOS)

Video Poker Slot DOS The player can start the game from DOS directly or they can use this menu


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Alternate platforms

The game would also play on the Tandy 1000, an early IBM compatible, but it required a bit of tweaking:
NOTE: If your computer is a Tandy 1OOO, the file "T1KVGA.COM" may be required to be in memory before playing Video Poker Slot. If you cannot play this game, install the "T1KVGA.COM" file in memory first. From your DOS prompt, type T1KVGA and press the ENTER key. You may then play Video Poker Slot as described above.

Cash Prizes

The game developers, United Innovations Plus, offered a $100 prize for the best score achieved in Tournament Poker that was awarded on January 1 and July 1 of each year. Players had to save their score in-game then copy to a floppy disc and mail it in.

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