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Back of Case - Atari ST (France, Italy, UK):
    Date: Year 2525 ... Battlefield: Outside Galaxy TR15...
    Mission: Intercept and destroy an alien space fleet threatening to conquer Earth ... Weapon: SR-88 Strategic Battle Tank...
    Codename: VINDICATORS

    An armada of fourteen alien space stations approach Earth. The only way to destroy this invading force is to infiltrate the enemy with your SR-88 Strategic Battle Tanks, better known as Vindicators.

    Vindicators - the faithful conversion of the Coin-Op arcade hit - challenges you to negotiate each space station's heavily guarded corridors, and locate and destroy its control room.

    Replenish your tank's fuel supply with fuel canisters located throughout the many levels of each station. Special features enable your tank to gain enhanced speed, shot range, shot power, force field or even "Smart Shots."

    This dangerous assignment will require all your battle-honed skills. Win and the world cheers with you. Lose and kiss it goodbye.

    Contributed by Jeanne (75604) on Apr 17, 2011.