Viper V-10 Screenshots

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FM Towns version

Title screen
Main menu
Kendo fighting
Choices, choices...
The hero is contemplating his further move
Animated kendo training
You ready?..
That's what happens if you make a wrong choice...
The girl is dreaming of an older classmate...
...and the dream becomes very erotic
What is this? A letter?..
Indeed - always be sure you are alone when you are masturbating!
Two cute kids...
...proceed to do nasty things to the girl, as per Japanese tradition
No matter how seemingly independent and "tough" some women may appear in Japanese hentai games, they usually end up being rape victims
One of the few scenes without porn
The "boss" appears...
...and reveals his metallic penis. Made in Japan?
George Lucas should totally sue
Scared woman before rape. Guess Japanese like watching that

PC-98 version

Title screen
Traditional three stories menu
Rear Under: the hero and Asuka
Hurray! You can choose!
Big Buddha is watching you
Asuka is ready to battle...
The hero is knocked out...
Her she comes!
Elegant kendo :)
You made a wrong decision... Game Over
This scene is fully animated... Mmmm....
Not only am I a great kendo master; I'm also a wonderful, giving sex partner...
Decisions, decisions...
Children's Play: Romantically-minded Yuki at home
Ahh... older school mate... ohhh... ahhh!!..
Oh no! Who could be so mean?!..
Hello, two cute little children!
The two cute little girls want to know what's an older girl's body is like...
Yuki is being raped by two little kids. I wish I were joking
Now this is much better...
Northern Lights: Stylish black-white
Anyone here?
The disgusting robot Boss
Animated clothes-tearing
The Boss on his throne
Those guys look like they failed an audition for the role of Darth Vader
Yes, it's what you thought. A giant robot penis. The Japanese are BEYOND crazy
Mercifully, you can't see the robot penis during this part
Robotic strap-on!
Looks like they found a good use for it...