Virtua Fighter 2 Screenshots

User Screenshots

Arcade version

Strong kick in Pai
Flying Lau
Mirror match
Under bridge
Jump on rival
Strange moves

SEGA Saturn version

Title Screen
Intro Movie
Character Selection
Akira vs. Lau replay
Laying around with Shun
Akira vs. Akira
Vs. Jacky
Vs. Jeffry
Vs. Kage (I hate it when he throws me in the air!)
Vs. Lion
Vs. Pai
Vs. Sarah
Wolf's spin-you-around-and-toss-you move

Windows version

Title Screen
Player Selection
Portrait mode
Lion wins!
Lion vs Sarah
Jacky vs Jeffry
Lau vs Jeffry
Jeffry: Missed me!
Game takes place underwater when slow motion is turned on
Jackey: What is going on?
Thats gonna hurt
Akira: Where are you going?
Spinning Around
No comments
Pai's victory pose.
Pai vs Dural, the final boss.