At one point to boost Saturn sales Sega of America ran a promotion where if you bought a Sega Saturn they would give you Virtua Fighter 2, Virtua Cop and Daytona USA for no extra cost.

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It received four awards in Game Players 1995 Holiday Edition (Vol. 8, No. 13):

  • Game of the Year
  • Best Saturn Game of the Year
  • Best Fighting Game of the Year
  • Best 32-Bit Graphics of the Year

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Virtua Fighter 2, at the time of release, boasted the highest resolution seen in a console game: 708x480.

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As part of Sega's advertising campaign in Portugal, a Saturday morning show (cyberMaster) pitched eight contestants in a knockout playoff showcasing the most popular titles (such as Mortal Kombat 3, FIFA 96 or Virtua Racing) for both the Saturn and the Mega Drive. The only game that was permanently featured in the show was Virtua Fighter 2, and was played between the two finalists to decide the winner.

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A Direct 3D patch was released to take advantage of hardware acceleration on slow PCs.

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The original arcade version was rumored to allow players to choose Dural, the final boss character, via some sort of super-secret code. This wasn't true, but she was made available for the Saturn version albeit only on vs and practice mode.

Now guess what Sega did for the PC version?... Dural on every game mode available? That's right baby...

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Virtua Fighter at one point reached a popularity peak in Japan that went up to having actual schools (I'm not making this up) that focused on teaching people how to play at their best in the game! Now how cool is that? ^_^

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Virtua Fighter 2 is Sega of Japan's only game to sell a million copies in Japan.

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Beating 20 opponents with Kage makes his face mask fall off instead of just his headband when he falls down.

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ESRB Rating

The version distributed by Expert Software has a packaging error. The front of the box lists the correct ESRB rating of "Teen", while the back incorrectly lists "Kids to Adults".

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