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Virtually Good SEGA 32X ETJB (450)

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Platform Votes Score
Arcade 6 4.3
SEGA 32X 17 3.9
SEGA Saturn 17 3.9
Combined User Score 40 4.0

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ArcadeAll Game Guide (1998)
The cabinet utilizes a simple three-button layout for punching, kicking, and blocking. However, players can combine the buttons for spin-kicks, piledrivers, throws, iron-palm attacks and other advanced techniques. Good voice effects and a pumping soundtrack add to the enjoyment.
SEGA SaturnMAXIMUM Magazine (Oct, 1995)
AM2's masterwork is simply an excellent game and it would appear that only the Japanese company themselves seem to have the necessary skills to better it. Until VF2 arrives, this is as good as 3D beat'em ups are going to get.
SEGA SaturnThunderbolt Games (Apr 30, 2009)
Audio design is not an area where Virtua Fighter slouches, either. Each character had their own voice, whooping and shouting during battle and eliciting war cries whenever they were victorious. The stage-based musical tracks were ridiculously catchy; you would hear them so often, you had no choice but to hum right along with the techno beats. With top-notch production values and arguably the best fighting mechanics ever in a video game, Virtua Fighter remains just as strong now as it did when it was first unleashed. True, it remained at the core of most Saturn owner’s software libraries whether they asked for it or not, but who could complain?
SEGA 32XThe Video Game Critic (Feb 29, 2004)
The music is okay and the voice samples are quite clear. Play modes include the standard arcade, versus, and tournament, but what I enjoyed most is the one-player "Ranking Mode", which pits you against a series of cpu competitors and displays an analysis of your performance afterwards. Virtua Fighter is a fine example of what the 32X is capable of.
SEGA SaturnGamePro (US) (Aug, 1995)
One of the better fighting games for the next-gen systems, Virtua Fighter is fast, fun and easy to master. As for depth, the game depends of slick moves than strategy.
SEGA SaturnMean Machines (Feb, 1995)
Really not crap at all. Utterly stylish, utterly playable, totally brilliant, totally total.
SEGA SaturnMean Machines (Sep, 1995)
Simply fantastic, and you'll appreciate it even more six months down the line.
SEGA 32XComputer and Video Games (CVG) (Nov, 1995)
Reason enough to buy a 32X with no regrets. A bargain opportunity to buy into the awesome VR phenomenon!
SEGA 32XMean Machines (Nov, 1995)
Rough around the edges, but gameplay is still unsurpassed. An essential purchase.
SEGA 32XHobby Consolas (Oct, 1995)
Un clásico de la lucha que destaca por su fácil control, sus numerosas opciones y modos de juego, y la diversión que provoca.
SEGA SaturnPower Unlimited (Jul, 1995)
Virtua Fighter heeft dan wel het vechtspel nieuw leven ingeblazen door de drie dimensionale graphics te introduceren, eigenlijk is het juist een super-basis spel. Er wordt van de vechter echte tactische technieken verwacht en niet zo zeer een aaneenschakeling van special moves. Uiteraard is Virtua Fighter inmiddels achterhaald door de nieuwe arcade-kraker Virtua Fighter II maar desalniettemin is dit een schot in de roos.
SEGA SaturnHobby Consolas (Jul, 1995)
El primer juego para Saturn muestra las posibilidades de la máquina, aunque se aprecian defectos que se podían haber pulido.
SEGA SaturnElectric Playground (2001)
Sega knows how to make great, extremely playable games. Sure, Virtua Fighter is not as pretty as TohShinDen or Tekken but it does not pull any punches in the fighting arena.
SEGA SaturnEdge (Dec 22, 1994)
The Saturn version of Virtua Fighter is an exceptional game in many respects. It’s arguably the first true ‘next generation’ console game, fusing the best aspects of combat gameplay with groundbreaking animation and gorgeous sound (CD music and clear samples). In the arcades, Virtua Fighter made people stop and look. On the Saturn, it will make many people stop, look at their bank balance and then fork out for Sega’s new machine. Over to you, Sony.
SEGA 32XAll Game Guide (1998)
Even though the 32X is a dead and buried system, its version of Virtua Fighter is certainly strong enough to warrant salvaging out of the bargain bin. Still, it's too bad Virtua Fighter 2 never found its way to the 32X.
SEGA 32XGamePro (US) (Nov, 1995)
Don't get us wrong - Virtua Fighter isn't everyone's cup of sake. But if realism and smooth fighting are what you want in a fighter, this is the brawl you've been looking for.
SEGA SaturnGameFan Magazine (Jul, 1995)
With the big time flick that plagues the import version taken out, it's hard to find fault in VF. The gameplay is actually better than the arcade, the animation is perfect and the music is phenomenal. The game is visibly inferior to the coin-op with less polygons and more jaggies, but hey---it's a near perfect Virtua Fighter at home!
SEGA 32XMega Fun (Oct, 1995)
Keine Frage, für mich ist Virtua Fighter das zur Zeit beste Game auf dem 32X und ich glaube, mit dieser Ansicht stehe ich nicht alleine da. Was die Programmierer bei diesem Spiel geleistet haben, grenzt beinahe an Zauberei. Sicher, hinsichtlich Grafik- und Soundfähigkeiten, ist die Kluft zwischen dem Saturn und seinem “kleinen Bruder“, insbesondere seit dem Release der Remix-Version, unübersehbar. Was jedoch den Spielspaß betrifft, kann die 32X- Fassung. nicht zuletzt durch die verschiedenen anwählbaren Blickwinkel und den hervorragenden Turniermodus, eine Menge Boden gut machen. Deshalb mein Rat an alle 32X-Besitzer, die den Sprung in die Saturnklasse noch nicht geschafft haben, nicht lange zu fackeln, sondern zuzuschlagen.
SEGA 32XGame Players (Nov, 1995)
Someone actually added more fun to a game instead of knocking out a retread. Which is why Virtua Fighter 32X actually nudges past the Saturn version in my book.
SEGA SaturnGame Players (Aug, 1995)
VF may not be as pretty or polished as some of it's direct competition, but on it's own merits VF is a great game. Easily the best Saturn fighting game out (OK, so it's the only one) and one which every Saturn owner should have (if not, you've been shafted, since it's the pack-in game).
If you still find yourself meddling with those ridiculous metal clips on a regular basis, then this is a game you must, under all circumstances, purchase immediately. This is even more true for those who don't own a Saturn or will not be collecting CD based games. Go for this one next time you're in the market for 32X games.
SEGA SaturnMega Fun (Jul, 1995)
Es war Liebe auf den ersten Blick: Bereits nach wenigen Spielminuten hat die geniale Optik ihre Schuldigkeit getan. Der dreidimensionale Effekt, gepaart mit den flüssig animierten Polygon-Sprites geben diesem Beat‘em Up-Game ein völlig neues Spielgefühl. Erfreulich ist zudem das intelligent ausgeklügelte Gameplay, das erst auf dem zweiten Blick seinen spielerischen Tiefgang offenbart. Virtua Fighter bietet neben den coolen Special Moves nämlich noch unzählige, aufbauende Schlagkombinationen, die viel Spielraum für taktische Spielereien lassen. Kritik gibt‘s im Prinzip nur im technischen Bereich. Während die krachenden Schlaggeräusche noch voll in Ordnung gehen, paßt das Disco-Allerlei meines achtens nicht optimal zum Spielgeschehen. Auch die “nackten“ Polygon-Fighter sind in technischer Hinsicht, wie die Remix-Version auch eindrucksvoll beweist, sicherlich nicht mehr ganz zeitgemäß.
SEGA SaturnEntertainment Weekly (Jun 09, 1995)
At heart, Fighter is just another brawling game. But the action has been dressed up with 3D-rendered characters, meticulously detailed animation, and swirling camera angles that result in a visceral, unnerving combat experience that's as much fun to watch as it is to play.
SEGA SaturnVideo Games (Jul, 1995)
Nichtsdestotrotz ist aber letztendlich alles Geschmackssache und Ihr kauft Euch mit Virtua Fighter sicherlich ein Klassespiel, wenn‘s auch nicht das beste seines Genres ist: Tekken bietet z.B. mehr als doppelt soviele Fighter! Wenn Ihr also noch gar keinen Saturn habt, überlegt Euch gut, was Ihr tut! In Sachen Beat‘em Ups ist die Playstation zur Zeit besser eingedeckt, da T2 und TSD 2 angekündigt sind.
SEGA 32XIGN (Nov 24, 2008)
Virtua Fighter is one of the best games for the 32X. Even though it is not the most remarkable looking port of the arcade smash, it plays much better than the iffy Saturn pack-in -- and that was a considerably more powerful system. Sure, there are better editions of VF to play now, but if you're a hardcore fan of the franchise or are filling out a 32X catalog, this should be one of your top "gets."
Is Virtua Fighter a bad game? No, absolutely not. The first time I saw it on my TV screen my eyes bugged. But then I saw Toh Shin Den and my eyes bugged out, my tongue dropped to the floor, steam came out of my ears and my head turned full circle. How's that for a reaction? Sorry Sega, Sony wins this round.
SEGA (Mar 09, 2005)
I will never be able to forget the first time I saw Virtua Fighter in the arcade; it took my breath away. The cabinet was HUGE and always full with people, so much so that I hardly got to play it. SEGA managed to port this popular fighting game to this doomed console, but is it worth putting those damned metal clips on your Genesis again? Maybe...
SEGA 32XDefunct Games (Jul 29, 2006)
I can hear you thinking, "oh great, not ANOTHER review of Virtua Fighter! Like we haven't seen enough of those on Defunct Games and other gaming sites!" Well, I certainly can't help it that Sega likes to exploit one of their most successful products endlessly, can I? So stop your whining, because I'm about to tell you all about the 32X version of the game.
SEGA SaturnComing Soon Magazine (Jan 13, 1996)
Virtua Fighter is a great 3D fighting game that is usually included when buying a Sega Saturn console. This game is great for letting out your frustrations by beating up the characters on your screen and provides much enjoyment.
SEGA SaturnElectronic Gaming Monthly (EGM) (Jul, 1995)
Fans of the arcade original can finally start saving those quarters because Virtua Fighter for the Sega Saturn has arrived! At first glance, you'll notice that the visuals are nearly identical to the arcade. All the moves are here, along with their lethal combos and the lifelike animation that made the game stand out! The option to configure the game to your liking is an added bonus --- even a new mode after you beat the game! This is a leap about the arcade!
I'm sorry but the old looks of VF don't cut it anymore. I may be a bit hard but look at what else is out there: VF Remix, Toshinden, Tekken. This does play a bit better and has tons of options, but the original Virtua Fighters looks just too old, especially with Remix being out. For fans of this game, I'd say you'd like it as much or maybe even more than the Saturn version. For this arcade player, this game is a bit tired. This is an excellent version for the system but it's old.
SEGA SaturnAll Game Guide (1998)
Virtua Fighter is a decent translation of the original, despite lacking in some areas. It would have been a great game with tighter and more responsive controls, but even in its current state it manages to be fun to play. Arcade purists will find many problems with the Saturn translation, but if you can overlook an imperfect translation, Virtua Fighter is sure to please.
SEGA SaturnScore (Jun, 1995)
Nejde o to odsuzovat bojové hry či zaujímat negativní postoj k explicitnímu zobrazování násilí na počítači - takové hry byly, jsou a budou. Pokud už ale mezi těmito hrami hledáte něco, co vás pobaví a přinese něco nového a objevného, zapomeňte na Virtua Fighter - není to nic jiného než vizuálně přitažlivá, ale zcela průměrná bojová hra. Na druhou stranu, Sega Saturn se dosud nemůže pochlubit nikterak širokou paletou her, a tak pro vás může Virtua Fighter být jistou možností, jak najít odreagování v bojové hře, když už nic, tak opravdu dobře vypadá!
SEGA SaturnDefunct Games (May 22, 2004)
To say that Virtua Fighter is slow, is like saying that Dances with Wolves is long. To be fair, Virtua Fighter was the first game to break the 2D barrier, but on the Saturn this two year old arcade game feels pretty weak.
SEGA 32XRetro Gamer (Sep 25, 2015)
Pity the poor 32X – while theoretically a sound idea, the Mega Drive upgrade just couldn’t compete with dedicated 32-bit consoles, leading to a short and undignified life. However, it did have some highlights and Sega’s excellent conversion of Virtua Fighter was definitely one of them.