Virtua Striker 2002

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GameCubeGamePro (US)
Virtua Striker’s visuals place it among the top of the GameCube class with large, detailed stadiums brimming with crazed fans waving their country’s flag. The players look sharp and move around with realistic grace. Unfortunately, this smooth animation comes at the cost of total control over your team. There are various layers of automatic movement associated with dribbling, passing, and shooting the ball that you must deal with in order to carry out whatever you had planned in the first place. In fact, the whole structure of the gameplay requires you to think ahead much more than even soccer sim fans are used to.
GameCubegames xtreme
All in all Virtua Striker 2002 is a great looking game which is fun for people looking to pick up and play without getting involved and also for younger gamers. Though its lack of depth may put off gamers looking for a more realistic in depth challenge. If you're looking for a real challenge pick up ISS 2.
GameCubeOfficiel Nintendo Magazine
Dans la lignée de la série, VS 2002 gagne en réalisme sans pour autant renier ses origines. Un bon jeu de foot arcade en somme.
Virtua Striker 3 Version 2002 macht es dem Fußballfan nicht leicht. Auf der einen Seite begeistert die tolle Grafik und Präsentation, sowie die meist hübschen Tore. Dagegen stehen auf der Negativseite aber zu viele Schwächen, besonders beim Gameplay, die das Game letztlich nicht konkurrenzfähig machen. Fans der VS-Reihe werden aber dennoch einige Matches hindurch gut unterhalten.
GameCubeDeaf Gamers
Virtua Striker 3 will be appreciated by fans of the series but serious football fans ought to wait for Pro Evolution Soccer to arrive on the GameCube. It's not a bad game by any means and if you take it on the basis of simply of being a game, it is quite enjoyable. However if you are after a true football game this title will probably not appeal to you and that is a shame because there are quite a few promising elements in the game.
Malgré ses graphismes aguicheurs et son intérêt certain, on retiendra malheureusement de Virtua Striker 3 sa maniabilité mal dosée. On ne parvient pas à faire ce que l'on veut avec la balle, ce qui, dans un jeu de foot, est difficilement pardonnable.
Die einzig verfügbare Kamera ist meist zu nah dran am Geschehen und die Steuerung wurde auf die einfachsten Bewegungen kastriert: kein Sprint, kein Doppelpass, kein Dribbling, nur ein Tackling. Sicher kommt man so dem simplen Arcade-Feeling der Automatenversion sehr nahe, aber man hätte dem Spieler noch einen erweiterten Home-Modus spendieren müssen - so kommt der Titel nicht an ISS2 oder gar FIFA WM 2002 heran und bleibt ein ansehnlicher Kick für anspruchlose Einsteiger. Schade, denn dass Arcade-Fußball bei einfacher Handhabung auch enorme Spieltiefe bieten kann, hat erst kürzlich Red Card Soccer auf der PS2 gezeigt. Bleibt festzuahlten: Fans der Spielhallenfassung können bedenkenlos zugreifen, alle anderen sparen besser für die GameCube-Fassung von Red Card.
GameCubeGamereactor (Sweden)
Nu har ni kanske fått intrycket att jag inte gillar Virtua Striker 3. Riktigt så är inte fallet. Det finns problem med detta spel, men ändå bjuder det upp till underhållande fotbollsdans för den som vill. Ni som vet med er att simulatorer och realistiska spel är er grej behöver inte titta närmre på detta spel. Men är ni ute efter en enkel men oanat djup tolkning av sporten är Virtua Striker 3 ett fullgott alternativ.
Virtua Striker 2002 has a ways to go before it can play with the big boys. There are many things that needs improvement such as the controls need refinement, better sound and music; commentary is a must, and numerous other things. If you have a craving for a soccer game pick up FIFA 2002 or Sega's own Soccer Slam.
Virtua Striker 2002 is more of a self-running soccer simulator than a soccer game. The computer takes care of the majority of the controls, and the lack of any sort of offensive maneuvers makes the game unbalanced and leaches the fun from it. If you're the type of player who likes to tinker with player attributes, team strategies, and formations, then you might want to give Virtua Striker 2002 a rental and see if it's for you. But the rest of you should stay far away from this one--you would do better to pick up EA's FIFA game for simulation-style soccer or Sega's own Soccer Slam for arcade footie action.
If you've played Virtua Striker in the past, and liked the control scheme, you'll probably want to look into Virtua Striker 2002 for a buy. As noted, it's got some great features to create your own team and take them to the Cup. But, for everyone else, steer clear of it. It's an aquired taste that very few can come to enjoy.

Instead, pick up Sega Soccer Slam for a more arcadey experience. Now there's a fun game with some serious replay value.
GameCubeOperation Sports
I did not enjoy the Dreamcast version and it was more of the same with this title. It's arcade soccer that in my opinion should be limited to just that "the arcades". I could barely stand playing a match with more than 3 minute halves and in going through the International Tournament I found myself playing keep away from the other team once I got a goal, just to get to the half or the match over with quicker. Poor control with one camera angle does not make a great game. You can have all the features in the world but if you don’t enjoy the gameplay then it was all for not. A rental at best and my bet is you will end up back at blockbuster a couple of days early to find something else to play in your Gamecube (Like Soccer Slam). Hey at least Sega got one arcade soccer game right this year.
GameCubeNintendo Difference
Un jeu plaisant dont la maladresse dans la réalisation, matchs à 6 cartons rouges (le maximum pour le jeu) courants, maniabilité nulle, impossibilité de faire des geste techniques, IA inexistante, et sons, lorsque présents à oublier de préférence, font de VS2002 un jeu à ne pas acheter ! Même d’occasion et à 20€ préférez à lui un vrai jeu de foot ou une bonne partie de baby-foot.
GameCubeGame Revolution
Virtua Striker 2002 features arcade gameplay that's quick and easy to handle. Sadly, it's been dumbed down to the point of being just plain dumb. Like previous incarnations of the game, Virtua Striker 2002 has but three simple commands - short pass, long pass, and shoot. There are no juke moves, no sprint (turbo) option or even ways to switch the player under your control. Even worse is the fact that your entire defensive repertoire consists of a single slide tackle. They included the ability to alter "tactics" and "formations," but the changes won't produce any noticeable effect.