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    The legendary tennis game returns in spectacular form.

    Taking a graphical lead from its incredible arcade cousin, no tennis game will have ever looked better. Get back on the world circuit with the champion of tennis games!

    • Best selling tennis series comes to the next generation.
    • The stars of today and the talent of tomorrow take to the court in spectacular detail, including Federer, Nadal, Roddick, Hewitt and more!
    • Photorealistic graphics recreate all the court surfaces of the world in your living room.
    • Advanced player animations and shot A.I. give unparalleled realism.
    • Create a Legend like never before – Make your own star and take on the world’s best.
    • Fun and addictive mini-games will keep you playing for hours.
    • Virtua Tennis style – Easy to play, difficult to master gameplay loved by millions.

    Contributed by havoc of smeg (22294) on Oct 12, 2010.
    Sega's stunning tennis sim makes a slick return on PLAYSTATION 3.

    Sega has always been a master at creating games that are easy to pick up but hard to
    master - and the Virtua Tennis series has been a shining example of this design ethic since
    its inception.

    The arrival of Virtua Tennis 3 on PLAYSTATION 3 is therefore cause for celebration.
    Accessible controls hide nuances and strategies that are a pleasure to discover, and as
    ever, multiplayer matches are a joy to play.

    Making full use of the graphical horsepower of PS3, Virtua Tennis is stunning to behold.
    The tennis players - of which there are more than ever - look uncannily like their real life
    counterparts, even down to the veins on their necks standing out after a particularly
    gruelling rally.

    The mini-games - always one of the most popular features of Virtua Tennis - return, with
    favourites from previous versions of the game being joined by a variety of new events. As
    ever, they're lots of fun and perfect for honing skills that will prove vital in your quest to
    become the world number one.

    • Sega's masterful sports game comes to PLAYSTATION 3
    • Incredible graphics bring your favourite players to life
    • A variety of game modes to try, including the ever-popular mini-games

    Contributed by DreinIX (10674) on Feb 17, 2008.