Virtua Tennis 3 Screenshots

User Screenshots

PlayStation 3 version

Opening video
Main menu
Player selection screen
One on one match has been set.
The match is about to start.
Federer services first.
Aim for the opposite corner to score.
Replay camera.
Taking the advantage at the cost of a few drops of sweat.
Switching sides.
Diving in to save a very fast ball.
Looking at the racket, a part of the tradition.
Selecting women competitors.
Setting a two-on-two play.
Women's doubles, one player and three CPUs.
Servicing the ball.
That's too fast to catch.
First game is ours.
Good team play.

PSP version

Title screen
Main menu
Character creation screen in world tour mode.
World map in world tour mode.
Alien attack training mini-game
Prize defender training mini-game
Sharapova on serve
Wins 1st stage of tournament
U.S.A. New York stadium preview
TVs like camera showing both opponents at some point of game.
Double player’s math
Player and computer wins in double math
Tournament road map in world tour mode.
Court change in doubles mode
Some time friend speak with player

Windows version

Title screen
Four player loading screen
Four player mode
You can edit player before you start World Tour
Practise your aim
Watch out for balls
World Tour Map
Tennis school
Target those pins with tennis ball
Player at close
Time to change sides
Main menu
Player wins
Choose your favorite player
Choose starting side
Two player mode loading screen
Exhibition match starting
2 player mode
Just got that ball
Player checking if his Tennis Racquet is alright