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Arcade 1 5.0
Dreamcast 37 4.0
N-Gage 4 2.4
Windows 15 3.6
Combined MobyScore 57 3.8

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DreamcastThe Video Game Critic
No question about it: Virtua Tennis IS the best tennis video game EVER, and easily one of the most thrilling multi-player games of all time.
DreamcastGamePro (US)
Virtua Tennis took a reviewer known for his love of wrestling games and UFC and turned him into a tennis pro. If you're not careful, it'll do the same to you. This is definitely one of the most purely fun sports games in a long time, up there with Sega Bass Fishing in the Games You're Embarrassed To Enjoy category. If you're a sports fan, go get it.
DreamcastSports Gaming Network
If you are looking for the best tennis game currently available, Virtua Tennis wins by default; it is the only recently released tennis game on the least until Mario Tennis arrives in late August. However, if you are simply looking for another great-looking/great-playing game to add to your Dreamcast collection, Virtua Tennis is still the game for you. Make no mistake about it, Virtua Tennis delivers a very satisfying gameplay experience, which no video game fan should miss.
DreamcastGame Freaks 365
The training modes are an excellent way to test your true skills. Some of the training levels require you to knock over bowling pins, lob balls into buckets, and turn of tennis machines by smashing them. Each training level includes three difficulty levels, which increase in difficulty and the amount of money you can earn.
DreamcastDa Gameboyz
Sega has once again proven why they are king of both the arcade and arcade-to-home conversions. Whether you like tennis or not, this game is a visual masterpiece that is a definite must have for any Dreamcast owner's ever-growing library of games. Although there are some slight flaws in gameplay, they never take away from the playability, addictiveness and overall fun of this game. Virtua Tennis easily earns a joystick up from this reviewer and is bestowed with Da Gameboyz Player's Choice Award.
DreamcastPower Unlimited
Zelfs als tennis je geen moer interesseert en je de finale van Wimbledon niet op tv zou kijken dan nog moet je Virtua Tennis in huis halen. Deze game behoort tot de toppers van dit jaar.
El mejor juego de deporte del momento en consola alguna y difícilmente superable. Si tienes Dreamcast y no tienes este juego, no se a que esperas para comprarlo.
Si no tienes Dreamcast, ves ahora mismo y compratela junto Virtua Tennis. Si ya la tienes, hazte con este título sin pensarlo dos veces. Una obra maestra que solo una compañía de la experiencia de SEGA y un departamento tan genial como AM# es capaz de crear.
While playing Virtua Tennis here at the IGN offices, one of the zanier editors commented, "It's simple... but that's one of its beauties." Nothing could be closer to the truth when describing Sega Sports' first attempt at Dreamcast tennis. In part due to this simplicity, in part due to a few exclusive home modes of play, Virtua Tennis ends up being one of the best single or multi player Dreamcast games out there, and yet another must have title.
DreamcastGaming Entertainment Monthly
When I took Virtua Tennis over to a friend's place, I think he best described it the game, "I don't even like tennis and this game kicks some serious..", well, you get the idea. Sega has even turned non-believers of the sport into fans of this tennis game. With it's relatively easy to get into controls and semi-addicting action, this is another must own, if you can find it. Sega's first run of 50,000 copies has already sold out which just shows how popular it has caught on with fans far and wide.
Es bleibt nur noch zu sagen, dass Virtua Tennis einfach ein Must-Have-Titel ist und als Multiplayer-Game fast schon in die Geschichte eingeht.
ArcadeAll Game Guide
With an excellent engine, beautiful graphics and sounds, and an intuitive, deep gameplay system, Virtua Tennis is one of the best arcade games in recent memory. Sega dominated arcades of the late '90s, and with excellent titles such as this, it's easy to see why.
90 (UK)
Virtua Tennis is undoubtedly the summer sports title for the year 2000. Forget about all those football and golf games, there's nothing with as much punch as Virtua. The rocking audio, unmatched AI, multiplayer supremacy and wealth of options and play modes make it the most complete simulation of tennis ever seen, and the perfect killer app to encourage summer console sales before the PlayStation 2 tries to take hold in this country later on this year. Congratulations to Sega for playing such a trump card at such an important stage in the Dreamcast's life cycle.
Impossible de passer à côté de ce chef-d'œuvre, lorsque l'on aime le tennis. On y retrouve toutes les sensations désirées, et les parties en double sont souvent ponctuées de fous rire... ou de coups de gueule ! Un titre graphiquement superbe, rapide, fluide, puissant, et doublé d'un mode World Tour recherché. Seul bémol : un seul set maximum.
DreamcastThunderbolt Games
Virtua Tennis is an example of sports gaming done right. Not only does it reflect the simplicity of its sport through a minimal arcade-inspired control scheme, but it also makes a strong appeal to fans of tennis and newcomers alike. This experience is well-suited to the simple and self-explanatory nature of hitting a ball back and fourth over a net. The production values are high enough here that it makes the sport seem competitive and exciting, even for people who’s only interest in tennis begins and ends with Anna Kournikova.
DreamcastSuper Play
Vid det här laget har ni säkert förstått att mina högt ställda förväntningar har infriats. Virtua Tennis är ett modernt tennisspel som sopar banan med i stort sett alla konkurrenter. Dels därför att det räcker i princip hur länge som helst. Se till att skaffa det så snart ni bara kan. Ni kommer inte att bli besvikna. Jag lovar.
Another quibble is the amount of ridiculous rallies that take place at the net; both players smashing the ball at each other and still managing successful returns. Albeit that this is an arcade game, this should not occur. Admittedly though, things like that make multiplayer games that much more humorous.
All in all, a first rate game by any standards. Trully revolutionary. As a state-class tennis player myself I loved it. As a couch potato who thinks tennis is a sissy sport,my brother loved it. As someone who could care less about tennis, my friend loved it. This game is a real smash!(and that was a real bad pun followed by another one)
Z całą pewnością jest to najlepszy tytuł w tej kategorii, który można bez obaw polecić każdemu. Nawet, jeżeli ktoś nie trawi sportów, a tym bardziej na małym ekranie, to zapewne dzięki tej grze stanie się sympatykiem tej dyscypliny. Jeżeli nie masz co robić w najbliższy weekend i zaoszczędziłeś parę złotych, to najlepszym wyjściem będzie zakup tego właśnie tytułu oraz zagonienie kumpli przed kompa. Zabawa gwarantowana.
En bref, Virtua Tennis devrait de loin surpasser l’ensemble de ses petits camarades pour devenir la référence en la matière. Chaque étape de sa réalisation semble avoir visé l’optimum pour nous livrer au final la simulation de tennis du moment. Une seule question subsistera : Pourquoi n’a-t-on pas le droit d’incarner les meilleures joueuses et de disputer des matches de plus d’un set pour le même prix ?
DreamcastDigital Press - Classic Video Games
There has never been any tennis games that you'll spend this much quality time with before. This is not just a game for fans of the sport, but for those who are completely unsure of how to hold a racket as well. It won't take long for everyone to be hooked on this one. This is a game that will undoubtedly go down as a classic in a few years time.
DreamcastDefunct Games
A lot of time was invested in the production of this game, and it really shows. And when you think about it, tennis really is a glorified version of Pong, so sporting fans and gamers alike should find something to like here.
Strangelite hat mit der Dreamcast-Umsetzung zwar keinen perfekten, aber einen sehr guten Job gemacht: Das Tennis-Kultspiel kann seine Faszination nach wenigen Ballwechseln auch auf dem PC entfalten. Und selbst wenn es kleine optische und ab und an üble akustische Tücken gibt, stellen die Einzelspieler-Modi das Beste dar, was derzeit an Tennis-Feeling zu haben ist. Das Gameplay ist bei leichter Zugänglichkeit höchst abwechslungsreich und kann mit überzeugenden KI-Gegnern lange motivieren. Hinzu kommen erstklassige Animationen und eine packende Zuschauerkulisse. Nur im Multiplayer-Bereich sorgen Ruckler und die fehlende Internet-Unterstützung für schwere Kritikpunkte. Trotzdem: Kein Filzball-Fan sollte sich diesen Konsolen-Leckerbissen entgehen lassen!
DreamcastGaming Target
Whatever you think of playing tennis as a sport, you should consider at least renting this game. Trust me, it may not sound like your type of game at first glance, but once the power goes on, and you pick up the controller, you will fall in luv with this game.
WindowsPC Games (Germany)
Man kann es gar nicht oft genug sagen, aber dank der einfachen Steuerung ist das Gameplay von Virtua Tennis einfach genial. Dazu kommen abwechslungsreiche Gegner, die oftmals auch eine angepasste Spielweise verlangen.
Et dire qu'il faut convertir un jeu Dreamcast de presque deux ans pour obtenir enfin un jeu de tennis digne de ce nom sur PC... Virtua Tennis en dépit de son aspect sans doute un peu trop arcade devrait faire le bonheur des fans de tennis qui découvriront un titre à la réalisation soignée et au gameplay de haut vol.
DreamcastPlanet Dreamcast
The fact that I have to nit-pick what language court-side announcers speak in should tell you that Virtua Tennis is a phenomenal game. The controls are easy to learn but offer enough depth to satisfy the most hard-core sports gamer. Graphically, the game is stunning. As you might have noticed, I keep returning to the Soul Calibur analogy -- a great arcade game boosted by new gameplay modes that add many more gaming hours. Virtua Tennis uses this formula to great success. It lives up to the hype, and then some.
Die Nische bestens besetzt: Virtua Tennis ist das einzige Tennisspiel am PC, das Spaß macht. Leider ohne Internet-Modus.
WindowsPC Gamer
Other than these console-itis headaches (such as the obnoxious fact that the Esc key does nothing), there’s nothing wrong with Virtua Tennis that a good multiplayer match won’t make you forget. It’s as good as tennis fans may ever see on their PCs.
WindowsGameStar (Germany)
Tennisfans können aufatmen: Dumme Ausrutscher wie Boris in der Besenkammer hat Empire bei der Umsetzung vermieden. Die PC-Profis sehen sogar eine Spur besser aus als ihre Konsolenkollegen. Allerdings sind die Hardware-Anforderungen für ein im Prizip zwei Jahre altes Spiel sehr hoch. Wer sich jedoch für den weißen Sport interessiert, kann bedenkenlos zum Schläger greifen. Vor allem im Multiplayer-Modus ist das Spiel spannender als jeder Tie Break – trotz 1-Satz-Limit.
DreamcastThe Next Level
For all intents and purposes, Sega has definitely developed what is the game to beat currently in the tennis world. Although Super Tennis still reigns supreme, Virtua Tennis gives it a good run for its money, and it provides aspiring developers something to aim for when creating the next big tennis game.
DreamcastGamezone (Germany)
Virtua Tennis ist ein absolutes Highlight in der Spielerwelt. Super Grafik, geniale Spielbarkeit und ein kreativer Spielmodi. Neben den verschiedensten Einzell- oder Doppelspielen, kann man auch mit einem populären Spieler eine Kariere starten. Hier sind viele Matches und Übungslevel integriert. Kaufe deinem Spieler wichtige Utensilien, wie Fitnessdrinks, Schuhe, Schläger, Trikots und sogar neue Partner. Das Gameplay ist einfach super und gerade mit drei Freunden ein heiden Spaß.
Tennis fans should be in heaven after playing Virtua Tennis. While the game doesn't exactly have a simulation-styled approach, it's definitely a blast to play, and the multiplayer and world-circuit options give it replay value regardless of how many controllers you have.
Virtua Tennis ist ein grandioses Spiel. Dank segatypischen (einfachem wie genialem) Gameplay spielerisch eine Klasse für sich und durch herausragende Technik der Wirklichkeit sehr nahe, vermittelt dieser Arcade-Titel wirklich perfektes Tennisfeeling mit allem was dazu gehört: Jubelarien, spannende Stimmung und auch Frust. Dank dieser Qualitäten sind gerade Multiplayerpartien immer wieder sehr spaßig! Leider bin ich eher selten zu diesen gekommen und habe mich meistens an den fiesen CPU-Spielern im World-Circuit-Modus geärgert. Daher auch meine verhältnismäßig niedrige Wertung! Zu bemängeln wäre sonst noch das Fehlen von offiziellen ATP-Tunieren, mehreren Spielsätzen sowie weiblichen Stars und etwas bekannteren männlichen Spielern. Das sind aber eigentlich nur Nebensächlichkeiten bei diesem Sportspiel-Knüller!
Despite its numerous single-player problems, Virtua Tennis remains one of the best multiplayer games for the Dreamcast. It's easy to get into, and it's hard to put down. For two or more players, Virtua Tennis can't be beat.
While Virtua Tennis is much more fun than I ever expected, it’s not a perfect game. What makes it good is that you can load it up with a bunch of friends and participate in some fairly mindless multiplayer action. Beyond that it doesn’t hold up too well. The single-player mode is lackluster unless you’re a real tennis fan, and the arcade mode is just doofy. Still, the exhibition mode is worth a good chunk of gaming enjoyment, and as I’ve said repeatedly, this is a really fun multiplayer game.
WindowsPC Zone
Various options are available, including a World Circuit in which you complete short matches and training modes, some of which are passable mini-games themselves. Success opens up further options, and also enables you to win money, which can be spent on such treats as different coloured shirts, or even a doubles partner. It's amazing what money can buy. Graphically, the conversion may look crisper than its Dreamcast counterpart, but seems to have lost some of its subtleties, such as the motion blur in the replays and the barely discernible cloud shadows, which appear here as if the apocalypse were pending. It's still basically the same game though, as evinced by the words 'press start' on the menu screen. Crucially, the gameplay has remained intact, and if you don't own a Dreamcast this is definitely worth a look. Ace.
Wann immer mich ein Sportspiel begeistern konnte, musste ich durch die ständige Gamepadbeanspruchung Schmerzen in meinen Daumen hinnehmen ... und bei Virtua Tennis waren diese Schmerzen stark und langanhaltend ;-) Im Ernst: wer Tennisspiele oder Sportspiele allgemein liebt, der wird an „Virtua Tennis“ kaum vorbei kommen, denn es ist das derzeit beste Tennisspiel, das es für PC zu kaufen gibt. Hat man es einmal gestartet, bleibt man nicht selten gleich mehrere Stunden vorm Monitor kleben. In meinen Augen der schärfste Kritikpunkt ist der plötzlich sprunghaft ansteigende Schwierigkeitsgrad im Karrieremodus, der mich beinahe den letzten Nerv gekostet hätte. Dennoch konnte ich nicht anders, als es immer wieder zu versuchen... daher: Spiel, Satz und Sieg!
DreamcastGaming Age
In spite of all these problems, Virtua Tennis is still getting a B. Why? Well, it?s not because the graphics are nice. You?d expect them to look at least this good on a system with the Dreamcast?s kind of specs. It?s more because the core mechanics are so well designed and immaculately executed. Were it not for the simple yet amazingly intuitive control interface, this game would have rated much, much lower. Virtua Tennis is far from perfect ? that much is certain. However, it has broken so much new ground in terms of control and gameplay that it is an example for other developers to follow by.
Très amusante à plusieurs, mais vite terminée en solo, l'adaptation du jeu de tennis d'arcade de Sega sur Dreamcast bénéficie d'une excellente réalisation, qui n'a pas grand-chose à envier à son modèle sur borne d'arcade. A conseiller à tous ceux qui veulent enchaîner les matchs entre amis.
Virtua Tennis manque son rendez-vous avec le N-Gage et déçoit par son manque d'efficacité et son contenu limité. Le gameplay n'est pas mauvais mais il souffre d'une grave lenteur au niveau de la vitesse de jeu, ce qui rend les matches guère passionnants. Ceux qui auront le choix se tourneront sans hésiter vers la version GBA.
Wieder handelt es sich um eine leicht abgeänderte Version eines GBA-Spieles, allerdings kann die N-Gage-Fassung nicht ganz mit der für Nintendos Marktführer mithalten. Denn leider kommen weder Präzision der Steuerung noch die Spielgeschwindigkeit an die anderen Virtua Tennis-Geschwister heran.
N-GageSuper Play
Trots att en del av mig verkligen avskyr det här spelet, står jag ut med dess brister för ytterligare ett par game mot svenske M Nilsson eller någon annan av de påhittade spelarna. Bärbar tennis är trots allt en svårslagen underhållningsform.
WindowsComputer Gaming World (CGW)
Unfortunately, this PC version of Virtua Tennis is one of those poorly executed ports that feels like someone slapped it together in his spare time. The Main Splash screen instructs you to “Press the start button,” the subtext being, “You do have a gamepad, don’t you?” This subtext is reinforced when you reach for your mouse to navigate the menu and find there’s no mouse support. Using the keyboard is a lousy way to control your player, but this game refuses to recognize any analog device with fewer than five buttons.
Virtua Tennis isn't much for showmanship; it's a simulation of the tennis experience with an easy-to-use and elegant engine on other systems. This represents the skeletal version of the game, without much in the way of graphic flair, and controls that are even MORE simple (if slow) than in any previous version. But, in the grand tradition of hitting a ball back and forth, you can't go too wrong with wireless pong.
Virtua Tennis could have been a great addition to the N-Gage library, but it unfortunately doesn’t make the cut due to its snail’s pace gameplay and stripped down game modes. If you just have to have a tennis game for your N-Gage, make sure you have someone to play with in multiplayer mode – playing against the computer gets old half way through the first match.
During the process of being ported to the N-Gage, Virtua Tennis was crippled pretty severely. The lack of gameplay options is unfortunate but forgivable. The slow pacing and choppy animation, however, irreparably damage the gameplay experience, thus turning something that was intended to be fast-paced and fun into something that is now leaden.
20 (UK)
Frankly, I find it quite amazing that Sega has managed to produce a port of an established, high quality tennis game and end up making it this boring. This is a fine tennis game watered down to its absolute base elements and further ruined by irritating, unresponsive controls. It's only just rescued from being a total write-off by its multiplayer features, but there is little else to reward your putting up with the painfully slow pace of matches and the joylessly challenging AI competition that render Virtua Tennis on the N-Gage one of the dullest, most pointless games I've ever played. Steer well clear.