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Defunct Games (Aug 20, 2005)
Despite the not-too-high difficulty level, the game isn't easy. There is a sharp learning curve in getting used to using ALL the Virtual Boy's controls for a welcome change. And you'll have to marginally adapt your attack strategies to the many different kinds of enemy units, that you'll face in this three dimensional war zone. If you're going for the straight forward frontal attacks time after time, then you're probably not going to have a lot of fun here. You need to think in the Gundam series universe and try different tactics, that way you'll have more of a challenge and the game won't come off looking easy. Even though there are plenty of mobile suits to play with, you can't help but miss a 2-player space battle VS-mode.
Retro Game Reviews (Mar 28, 2016)
SD Gundam Dimension War is a middle of the road strategy game that does little to offend or impress. The gameplay is too basic with no advancements to the opening mechanics, and even if you decide to grind through all eight missions they pose little challenge and provide minimal satisfaction.
Nintendo Life (Aug 14, 2009)
There are a couple of issues with the graphics in this game - such as the limited animation and lack of variety of your troops - but the characters are well designed and there is some good use of 3D. However, presentation is the key issue here. Combat can be fun but quickly gets repetitive whilst not giving you control of your valuable capital ships is very strange. Combine all this with just 8 levels - all of which can be beaten with ease - and SD Gundam Dimension War is really not worth bothering with, even for hardcore fans of the popular Gundam universe.