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Print advertisement - PC Player 08/1995:

    take a BREAK from REALITY...


    • Tauchen Sie ein in die Welt von Virtual Pool. Der ersten Billard-Simulation, die so real ist, daß sie Ihre Fähigkeiten am echten Tisch wirklich verbessern können.
    • Fordern Sie Ihren Freund oder den Computer zu einer Partie heraus, oder spielen Sie per Netzwerk oder Modem von Computer zu Computer. Sie können es aber auch gegen einen der virtuellen Gegner aufnehmen, die zu den besten Spielern der Welt gehören.

    • Über die Maus steuern sie den Queue als ob Sie ihn wirklich in der Hand hätten. Steuern Sie die Maus langsam vor, für einen leichten Stoß oder schieben Sie kräftig an, für einen Ball über die Banden.
    • Nutzen Sie die vielfältigen Perspektiven für einen perfekten Stoß. Virtual Pool erlaubt es Ihnen, um den Tisch zu laufen und die Lage der Kugeln aus jedem Winkel zu betrachten. Sie können sogar einzoomen für eine optimale Zielgenauigkeit, damit Ihnen jeder Stoß gelingt wie am echten Tisch.

    Virtual Pool

    Presented by STEVE DAVIS
    Sechsfacher World Snooker Champion und Finalist der European Nine Ball Masters,

    Nummer vier der Snooker-Weltrangliste und regelmäßiger Teilnehmer der European Nine Ball Masters.

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Press Release:


    CHARLOTTESVILLE, Virginia June 8, 1998 -- Kesmai Corporation and ENGAGE games online, two leaders in the massively multiplayer online games industry, today announced that ENGAGE's Virtual Pool is now available on Kesmai's online games service, GameStorm. Hot on the heels of the recently announced Rolemaster: Magestorm and Darkness Falls, Virtual Pool is the third of 14 ENGAGE titles that will be available on GameStorm, providing subscribers with easy access to the largest collection of massively multiplayer online games available anywhere. Designed by physicists and mathematicians at Celeris, Inc. to be the most realistic pool simulation game ever created, Virtual Pool offers true computational ball tracking and full simulation of all billiard actions including friction, speed, collision and roll. Players have realistic control and the ability to walk around the table, zoom in for a closer look and line up the perfect shot.

    Featuring superb 3DVX graphics and four game choices (8-ball, 9-ball, straight pool, and rotation), Virtual Pool is so realistic that it can actually help improve a player's real playing abilities. Billiard lovers from all over the world can gather together in eight pool halls to chat and arrange games with each other.


    GameStorm is the first "end-to-end gaming nirvana," pulling together the leading massively multiplayer games, the best fast-action service, and award-winning editorial content all in one convenient, easy-to-use package.

    Unique partnerships with SegaSoft's HEAT.NET, ENGAGE games online and GameSpot allow GameStorm members to enjoy the largest collection of online games ever assembled in cyberspace, along with the most robust player communities and the most comprehensive collections of downloads, reviews, and Web content. The entire package is offered at the breakthrough price of $9.95 per month for unlimited play.


    Kesmai, a News Corporation company headquartered in Charlottesville, Virginia, is comprised of three operating units: Kesmai Studios (developer), Aries Online Games (platform technology and third party publishing), and GameStorm (web-based retail games service). Kesmai is known for a variety of immersive, large-scale, persistent-universe games such as Air Warrior® III, MultiPlayer BattleTech®, Casino Poker™, and Legends of Kesmai®.

    In addition to the GameStorm service, Kesmai games can be found on AOL, CompuServe, Prodigy, AT&T WorldNet, Concentric Network, EarthLink Network, Delphi Internet, LineOne (UK), Fujitsu (Japan) and numerous major Web sites such as Fox Broadcasting, Fox Home Entertainment, Fox Sports Online, 20th Century Fox Film, Toronto Star, Golf Web and TV Guide Entertainment Network.


    ENGAGE enabled games offer the finest online multiplayer experience available. Access to ENGAGE games online is provided via the Internet through GameStorm (North America), ICL's GamesZone (Europe), and Pacific Internet (Asia) and on America Online through WorldPlay Entertainment. Titles include: Claw, Descent, Warcraft II: Tides of Darkness, Rolemaster: Magestorm, Splatterball, Darkness Falls, Virtual Pool, Castles II, Billboard Live! Trivia, Rolemaster: The Bladelands, and many more.

    ENGAGE is more than just an online games service, providing chat, bulletin boards, leaderboards and many other features designed to create the ultimate online multiplayer gaming experience. ENGAGE has a dedicated community of the industry's most experienced online GameMasters to help novice players sharpen their skills quickly, and to provide the veteran players with the most competitive environment available online. ENGAGE's relationships with the industry's top game companies such as Blizzard Entertainment, Interplay Productions, Mythic Entertainment, and Monolith Productions (to name a few), assures online gamers around the world a constant stream of the best content available anywhere online.

    ENGAGE games can be accessed on the Internet through GameStorm at, GamesZone, Pacific Internet and through WorldPlay Entertainment on America Online at Keyword:ENGAGE.

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