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Rack 'em up...... Windows Chris Martin (1094)

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DOS 11 3.2
Macintosh 1 3.3
PlayStation 5 3.2
Windows 11 3.5
Windows 3.x 2 3.3
Combined User Score 30 3.3

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DOSEntertainment Weekly
Best of all, a back-and-forth sweep of the mouse controls your cue stick, and the keyboard commands are as easy to master as a tap into the corner pocket. With its first-person perspective and true-to-life physics, Virtual Pool is one of the rare simulations that may actually improve your real game.
Really, Virtual Pool is two programs in one: The first is a hit-and-miss multimedia shell, complete with a history of and tutorials in pool; the second is really the core of the product, a small but elegant game engine that so impressively and accurately models the physics of the game that you really do feel like you're playing. (--Matt Firme)
Virtual Pool is a great game and must-have for pool enthusiasts. Its physics and perspective are so realistic that MacPlay actually offers a money-back guarantee if your real-world game does not improve as a result of your virtual-world one.
DOSJoystick (French)
La réalisation soignée et l'incroyable réalisme de ce billard le propulsent en tête des simulations existantes. Courez vite l'acheter !
DOSPC Games (Germany)
Archer McLean's Pool war seinerzeit eine packende und realistische Billardsimulation, doch war es zum größten Teil so umständlich zu bedienen, daß sich nur eingefleischte Fans die Mühe machten, tiefer in das Spiel einzutauchen. Das ist nun vorbei. Virtual Pool verfügt über eine intuitive Bedienung, ansprechende Grafik und kann deshalb auch dauerhaft motivieren. Referenzklasse!
DOSGameplay (Benelux)
Luister dus naar de raad van 'Ome Pete': ren naar je software boer en haal die laatste doos van Virtual Pool uit het rek voor iemand anders het doet.
DOSPower Play
Hui das macht Spaß. Wer bisher dachte, realistische Billard-Simulationen sind ein Ding der Unmöglichkeit. der wird von „Virtual Pool“ nachhaltig eines Besseren belehrt. Interplay füllt den Begriff „Multimedia“ mit Leben und beglückt den Fan nicht nur mit einem technisch ausgereiften Porgramm, sondern zusätzlich mit viel Wissenswerten über den Sport der Könige. Allein wer sich alle Filme ansehen will, ist schon mal eine Stunde beschäftigt. Erste Sahne ist der eingebaute Simulator: Die Kugeln laufen wunderbar weich und natürlich über den Bildschirmfilz, das Stoßen mit der Maus erlaubt viel Fingerspitzengefühl und Taktik. Alle zusätzlichen Funktion, wie kippen des Queue, Effet-Spiel und Variationen der Stoßkraft sind übersichtlich auf der Tastatur untergebracht. Nach kurzer Einspielphase beherrscht man das Programm. Wer nicht jeden Abend in die verqualmte Billard-Halle rennen möchte, der kann mit „Virtual Pool“ sehr gut auf dem Trockenen üben.
Virtual Pool gelingt es damit erstmals, echtes Billard-Feeling auf den Rechner umzusetzen. Und angesichts dieser sportlichen Großtat wollen wir gerne über kleine Schwächen wie die teils happigen Rechenzeiten der Digi-Gegner oder die Kompatibilitätsprobleme mit vielen SVGA-Karten hinwegsehen: Dieser Tisch ist ein Hit!
The DOS version of Interplay's Virtual Pool is one of my favorites -- its authentic simulation of the game is top-notch. This new version for Windows 95 has all the features that made the original DOS version so much fun; the added Internet play and better music make it well worth the cost to upgrade.
MacintoshGame Revolution
One claim Virtual Pool does make on the box is that it can improve your real-world pool game or your money back. That's a pretty hefty claim to make, but just by watching the videos and using the ball tracking, I've managed to understand the game a little more. Not that anybody will be able to buy Virtual Pool and go out hustling like Fast Eddie Felson or Minnesota Fats, but Virtual Pool is a lot like an instructional video and then some. Cue it up and give it a virtual whirl.
DOSComputer Gaming World (CGW)
Limitations aside, VIRTUAL POOL is an elegant product that has the unique ability to be both an exciting game in its own right and a truly useful tutorial for the real game (for those of us with a several thousand dollar computer in our basement, rather then a several thousand dollar pool table).
MacintoshJoystick (French)
Sans remplacer un véritable billard, Virtual Pool vaut surtout pour son aspect très réaliste et son côté entraînement. Une excellente simulation, que tout amateur de billard se doit de posséder.
DOSAll Game Guide
Although this game does have it's problems, it is definitely a keeper, and if you do play it like you should (no cheating) you will, like they say, improve your real game. I have. I still stink though...
DOSHigh Score
Virtual Pool är en mycket bra biljardsimulator, men det enda man kan lära sig är regler och teori. För att bli trollkarl vid biljardbordet krävs det fortfarande ett äkta biljardbord Men som datorspel är det alldeles utmärkt.
DOSPC Player (Germany)
Cool, dieses Pool. Die Idee, das emsige Billard-Treiben zu simulieren, ist so alt wie die Heimcomputer-Ära. Doch eine so geschliffene Mischung aus technischer Eleganz und hoher Spielbarkeit brachte bislang noch niemand zustande.
The first pool title for the Playstation, Virtual Pool contains certain sketchy graphical elements. Its 3-D perspectives, geometric clarity, and wealth of features, however, overcome these shortcomings to provide a realistic pool experience capable of improving real-world gameplay. Virtual Pool is no hustle.
PlayStationElectronic Gaming Monthly (EGM)
It's about time someone made a serious pool game for a console system. Virtual Pool delivers, but it could be better. Everything you could want in a pool sim is here, including instructional videos and tips on how to make trick shots. The problem lies in control and game speed. For such simple 3-D graphics, VR Pool has a hard time moving them, especially when a lot is on screen. The control is very clumsy and imprecise as a result of the gamepad. If you really like pool, pick this up, along with a PS mouse.
Aside from the bland, flat shaded graphics, Virtual Pool is an awesome pool sim. This game gives you a real pool hall feel complete with skilled competitors and cheesy music, minus the cigarette smell and horrible food. Definitely chalk your stick for this one.
PlayStationPlay Magazine
At the end of the day, Virtual Pool is competent, but nothing special. It's a straight PC conversion with some new tunes, but really Interplay could have done so much better.
PlayStationAll Game Guide
What it all comes down to is that players in search of a pool game should look elsewhere. On the other hand, anyone not wanting to spend $39.95 on those pool instructional videos you see all those commercials for might want to take a look at Virtual Pool, if for an entirely different reason.
PlayStationGamePro (US)
Impressive 3D graphics create a real-time, 360-degree environments that lets you move around and view the table from any angle. The controls are exact and enable you to play each shot using actual pool table physics. Mixed tunes and good background sound effects complete the experience.