Advertising Blurbs

The Official Nintendo Player's Guide (1987):


    The serve comes low and fast. You run to the corner and dive for the ball. It's a great save! Your back man sets it up for the kill. Your crafty front three fake the spike, just barely dinking it over for the point. Classic moves, speed, strategy, this is volleyball at its finest.

    GAME PLAY: The game takes plenty of practice and "VB" skills to master. Your server can serve it high or low to the right or left. You move your men into position to receive the ball with a set or a quick return. The set can be high or low to any front man you choose. Direct the kill shot fast and straight to the opening in your opponents' defense. When a low ball or a spike comes at you, send your front line up for a block. The computer has seven different international teams for play at various skill levels. Whether you are playing your friend or the crack team from the USSR, you'll find the challenge is nonstop.

    Contributed by Joshua J. Slone (4621) on Mar 20, 2004.

Back cover - NES:

    Here's your chance to bump, set and spike your way to victory!

    Slam the perfect serve. Spike the game-winning point. Make the save that saves the game! It's all up to you. Because you call the shots in Nintendo VOLLEYBALL. You'll start by selecting a team through a fast-paced warm-up round, then quickly move into the heat of real volleyball competition. You'll decide when to spike, when to lob, when to make a diving save - everything just like the captain of a real volleyball team! Play against a friend of challenge the computer. Either way, Nintendo's true-to-life graphics and realistic game play will bring all the fun and excitement of volleyball right into your home!

    Contributed by Jeanne (75420) on Jan 01, 2003.