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Neo Geo 7 3.6
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Combined User Score 7 3.6

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The battles tend to be short, and don't offer much variation. On top of that, the timing seems a bit off, making play awkward. A fair game, but not worth more than a couple of quarters.
Neo GeoAll Game Guide (1998)
Voltage Fighter Gowcaizer could have been an enjoyable fighter. But with its stiff animation, lack of bass in sound effects, and pedestrian fighting system, the game ends up being another run-of-the-mill fighting game. Dedicated fighting fans may want to give it a try, but casual gamers should go for one of the many other fighting games on the Neo Geo.
Neo GeoGamePro (US) (Dec, 1995)
Gowcaizer is a low for the Neo - and for fighting games in general. This is one game that's hardly worth the fight, though maybe it's worth a laugh or two.
Neo Geo CDThe Video Game Critic (Jan 31, 2004)
The spectacular backgrounds are probably the highlight of the game, with marvelous unconventional scenery like a burning city, the interior of a church, and a concert stage. Although Gowcaizer's gameplay doesn't stand out, its music certainly does. That's because it feature real Japanese singing, and while it seems funny at first, eventually the horrible noise becomes unbearable. Voltage Fighter Gowcaizer isn't particularly fun to play, but it certainly is bizarre.