Wacky Wheels

Wacky Wheels Screenshots

DOS version

The title screen
Character selection (it's probably easier if you're below the age of twelve)
Championship race modes
Race selection
The race is about to start. (notice the lion)
You can shoot fireballs or hedgehogs (!) once you've collected them.
Leader board
Tracks range from swamps...
...to volcano areas
In deep waters, you turn into a (yellow) submarine.
The last lap devil >:)
Some sort of split-screen deathmatch
There's also a duck hunt variant in here.
Duck Hunt results

Wacky Wheels Screenshots

Windows version

Splash screen
Main title
Main menu
Select your racer
Gameplay controls
Bronze wheels race tracks
Silver wheels race tracks
Gold wheels race tracks
Winning the race
Desert track race start
Leader board
Winners cup
Famous drivers
Ordering info
Game options
Bonus shootout zones
The wacky duck shoot mode
Shooting the ducks
Two player car selection
Split screen shootout
Uno has been destroyed
Racing styles
Bonus bronze wheels race tracks
Bonus silver wheels race tracks
Bonus gold wheels race tracks
You have to be among top three to qualify for the next race
Select between faster or slower cars
Time trial race
Recorded time for the current track
Track display before starting the race
Terrain animation changes as you drive over different terrain types
You can shoot at the opponents to slow them down and gain advantage
Deep water will seriously slow you down
Race start camera moves from the profile toward the default back view
Firing hedgehogs at the other racers
Collect items on the track to help you win the race in a less gentleman style