Version 1.0 of the game was an incomplete version released only to a UK magazine. The first publicly available version of the game was v1.1

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According to Andy Edwardson, Wacky Wheels was the first game to introduce "RemoteRidicule", the ability to make a sound clip (often silly) on your opponent's computer during multiplayer gameplay. This feature however was popularized in Rise of the Triad released slightly later.

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According to Andy Edwardson comments in the Apogee FAQ, Wacky Wheels was first shown to Copysoft before reaching a publishing deal with Apogee, however included on the diskette he had given CopySoft was C++ Source Code.

Later on, CopySoft released Skunny Kart, which Andy believes must have used the engine code from Wacky Wheels, based on his knowledge of Copysoft's programming resources.

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Wacky Wheels was created in the time when Apogee and Epic didn't like each other. Both companies put messages about the other company and its games in their own games. In an early version of Wacky Wheels if you started it with the parameter /NOFUN the game would put up a message saying: "Searching for epic games on your computer..." It was pulled from the release version though.

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Wacky Wheels version 1.1 was first released on October 17th 1994 (There was no official version 1.0 release).

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The Dopefish makes an apperence if you know how to "look at him", Dopefish Lives!

Giggle keys(split screen play) and the RemoteRidicule(tm) feature(modem play) so you can annoy the hell out of your friends. (hint hint)

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