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Wade Hixton's Counter Punch (Game Boy Advance)

ESRB Rating
Critic Score
100 point score based on reviews from various critics.
User Score
5 point score based on user ratings.

Wade Hixton's Counter Punch Credits

Team Inferno

Designed & Developed byInferno Games Inc.
In Association withEngine Software BV
PresidentJames Baker
Executive ProducerDavid Fahrer
Project LeaderDavid Fahrer
Game DesignDavid Fahrer, James Baker
Lead IllustratorMike Oviedo
Character DesignMike Oviedo
Lead AnimatorPhil Rynda
Lead Digital ArtistDavid Fahrer
Additional Digital ArtMario Gonzalez, Mike Sheppard
Lead WriterAndy Gonsalves
CFOBernar Bekirov
Game TestersDavid Fahrer, James Baker, Phil Rynda, Mike Oviedo, Mario Gonzalez, K. C. August, Greg Grabowy, Dong Min Lee
Special ThanksPaul Bragiel, Eli Fahrer, Geraldine Fahrer, Wan Ling Li, Daniela Oviedo, Tia Eduvina (Madrina), Abuelita Marina, Rodolfo Munera, Eric Eiser, The Rynda Family, James McMullan, Karl Trogdyje, K. C. Austin, Matt Anderson, Ed Taylor, Celia Cheng, James Hutchinson (UK), Jeffery Joslin, Mike Mantell, Murdocc Saunders, Ben Kim, Nando Costa, The WDDG

Engine Software Staff

ProducerRuud van de Moosdijk
Lead ProgrammerJan-Lieuwe Koopmans
Tool ProgrammersMOA, Markus Glanzer, ... and many others
MusicBart Roijmans
SoundBart Roijmans
Additional Music byParagon 5
Powered byEngine Software's GBA Sound Engine 1.925
Project SupervisorIvo Wubbels
Game TestersMOA, Bart Roijmans, Dennis van Zelst
Special ThanksSarah Amzah, Marco Willemsen, Arjen van Haren, Jeroen Schmitz, Sandra van Onna

Published & Distributed by DSI Games

Studio ProducerDonald Tao
Studio Q.A.Juan Gutierrez, Amy Gibbons, Jarrett Kaufman

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