Waking Mars Screenshots

User Screenshots

Windows version

Title screen
User interface for the settings menu; UI is slick and clean looking.
Chapter 1: The Descent marks the beginning of the game.
In mid-flight with the jet pack; the flying mechanism is fluid and easy to use.
Here we see how the story telling mechanism works. The player will be controlling Liang; although his responses are automatic.
ART is the computer built into Liang's suit and it chimes in with observations, and mission suggestions (plus a bit of humor).
Exploring the game with bring further research opportunities and the research interface shown here will bring up helpful tips.
In this section a number of Zoa were planted to remove a barrier. In the bottom right corner the number of seeds carried is shown.
The Biomass counter in the upper right corner is shown; the 15+ in green shows how much biomass has been contributed to the caves with the last Zoa planted.
Clever the way tutorial, explanation of game mechanics and story are blended together. Acid drops are harmful, best to avoid them.
In game map can be called up; nodes can be selected for fast travel. The pinkish camera icon is the location of a camera module left behind by OCTO and must be found.
Here the game zooms out far to let the newly discovered cavern be seen in full. This zooming is automatic and fairly seamless.
Liang has found the first of several modules left behind by OCTO.
Mission Objectives screen can be called up anytime. These are the objectives for Chapter 2: A Light in the Dark.