Wallace & Gromit in Project Zoo Screenshots

User Screenshots

GameCube version

Title Screen
Publisher/Developer Information
Game Setup
Discovering the Zoo
Somebody's trapped that poor elephant.
Wallace makes weapons for Gromit.
Sign posts help you out.
Climbing the tall tree
Gromit busts down a door.
Move the cage to a place you can reach it.
Free the first captive.
You need Wallace to fix machines like this.
Here he comes...
The first boss is fierce!
Wallace has a bright idea.
Gromit goes for a ride on the mine cart turntable.
Beavers work in the mine.
Torches light the way and light fuses.
Gyrocopter Chase
It's just like that scene in Star Wars.
Fiery Pits
Firefighter Gromit
The game also runs in widescreen mode.
Vegtable Bazooka (widescreen)

Windows version

Title screen
Intro cut-scene withe Wallace and Gromit
The adventure begins in the elephant room of the zoo.
Gromit celebrates getting some coinage.
Already awkward to control with a keyboard on the PC the occasional shifting camera angles don't really help out.
Saving an elephant.
Who could be behind all this? A-ha!
The polar bear enters the Hidden Temple of Montyzooma.