War-8}! Screenshots (DOS)

User Screenshots

DOS version

The game starts with a screen promoting shareware and asking for cash if the player likes the game
There is a sound effect in the game but it is optional
When a game starts the program generates the landscape, colours it in, and then drops buildings and tanks onto it. Tanks are green for both players and look like flying saucers.
The game begins. Player 2 is to play first. Each player has five tanks, these are selected by the number keys 1-5. Tank 1 is selected by default and it changes colour to white.
Tank 4 has been selected. Next is the choice of weapon.
This is the control the player uses to direct their shot. The white bar in the main screen sweeps round like the second hand of a watch and the player hits ENTER when it points at the enemy
This shows a missile landing. The top of the screen shows the parameters for direction, power and fuel.
If a shot does any damage it is reported before the next player takes their turn. Hitting one's own tank is not a good idea but in this case it was deliberate, just to get a good screenshot. Honest
Buildings can also be damaged, but this is just for fun. To win the game the opponents tanks must be destroyed.
When a game ends it is a bit anti-climactic