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Print advertisement - PC Player 10/1998:


    Amerika im 18. Jahrhundert: Pioniere besiedeln die Neue Welt, unerschöpfliche Rohstoffquellen und riesige Jagdgründe verheißen Reichtum und Macht. Gehen Sie auf Entdeckungsreise, finden Sie heraus, wer Ihre Freunde sind, wer Ihnen feindlich gesinnt ist. Meistern Sie Echtzeit-Kämpfe, verteidigen Sie Ihr Camp und Ihre Ressourcen, schützen Sie Ihre Feinde und erlernen Sie immer mehr Fähigkeiten.

    • Über 40 Charaktere mit jeweils unterschiedlichen Eigenschaften und Stärken
    • Charaktere können während des Spielverlaufs neue Fähigkeiten erlernen
    • Detaillierte Kampagnen-Struktur, über 30 Missionen
    • Echtzeit-Kämpfe, Fog of War, aggressives Leben in der Wildnis und viele Überraschungen
    • Innovatives Systemressourcen-Management
    • Direkthilfe erleichtert die ersten Schritte in der Wildnis
    • Mehrspieler-Modus per LAN, serieller Verbindung, Modem oder Internet.

    Contributed by Patrick Bregger (198868) on May 15, 2010.
    Let us take you back to 1757 and place you on what is now the eastern United States/Canadian border. In Fields of Fire: War Along the Mohawk you are asked to play your part in the titanic struggle between the British and the French for the control of this region. You lead your own hand picked team in a series of dangerous missions trying to cope with the many surprises that the enemy has in store for you.

    Fields of Fire's gameplay is simple, you decide whether you are fighting for the French or the British, select which character you will play as - there are over 40 to choose from - made up of British and French professional soldiers, Rangers (from the British Colonies), Iroquois and local townsfolk. Each with their own strengths and weaknesses you must choose wisely or you'll end up in a real pickle.

    Once you have chosen your character you will begin the campaign at your home Fort. Your base is found in the middle of a huge map and is the hub of the adventure. Besides keeping your Fort safe your Commander will expect you to undertake many perilous missions vital to the cause. Before starting a mission you can hand pick a team of specialists to accompany you on your task. On completion your party returns to the fort with any items they may have gathered along the way.

    Enemy attacks on your fort are generated differently every time you play giving the game great replay value. As the campaign deepens you have to make provision for both the defence of your fort and your offensive missions. Through the course of the campaign you will take on over 17 stand alone missions and many assaults on your fort - plus you get a different 17 missions when you play as the other side!

    Take up your musket or grab a tomahawk in this challenging historical game where role-playing meets real-time strategy. Grow your character through the American conflicts of the 1700's, learning new skills and acquiring wealth and power, while managing real-time battles and looking after your base, your resources, and your friends: altogether a more human way to command and conquer.

    • Over 40 characters to choose from, each with their own strengths, skills, and personality
    • Immersive campaign structure includes over 30 missions
    • Characters can learn new skills as they progress through the game
    • More than a wargame, strategies include negotiation with the enemy, but beware of traitors !
    • Real-time combat includes fog of war, aggressive wildlife, and "Hidden Surprises"
    • Intelligent gameplay includes an innovative resource management system incorporating a real-time evolving ecosystem which affects your character's livelihood: if you let the wolves run wild, there'll be no deer, so no deerskins for you to sell
    • Interactive tutorial gets you up and running quickly and easily
    • Full multiplayer support via serial link, modem, LAN

    Contributed by Jeanne (76526) on Jun 28, 2009.