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Browser version

Main screen. Vespitole are the first faction and they specialize in resource collection.
Building a Vespitole deck. Their cards are the most expensive, but offer great rewards.
Daramek heroine. This faction specializes in sacrifices.
You can buy alternative outfits for gems - a pay-2-play resource.
Metris heroine. The Metris are a clandestine faction that utilizes poisons and covert action to hamper opponents.
Each faction has their own cards, but all are divided into five basic groups. Metris Conspiracy group has many cards that allow you to steal resources or cards from your opponent.
Endazu faction. They specialize in magic and cards that increase in power as long as they're held in your hand.
Skirmish mode allows you to play against the computer at various levels. Cpt Listarta is another Vespitole heroine - all factions have multiple heroes.
Currently there is only Captain Listarta's campaign, and even that doesn't have all of its chapters yet.
You can set the difficulty for the campaign. Anything above Neophyte can be surprisingly difficult.
Each campaign chapter is composed of three parts and provides good story.
Vespitole battle. The opponent has played many cards, and has even more in his hand. I have only one left, but it will be enough.
The campaign exposition sets the story, but all campaign battles have lots of in-battle conversations.
Daramek vs Endazu. The four game resources are: gold (coins), food (apples), skulls and magic...
...gold is used for buying new cards, food heals and/or activates abilities, skulls damage enemy units or the opponent and magic can replace any other resource.
Loading screen shows card text.
Every day you receive daily quests.
You can use the silver or gems you've gained (or bought) to purchase new cards.
Each pack contains three cards, but you can only pick one. You can get a new card, upgrade (reduce the cost) of an existing card or use an upgraded card to get hero XP.