Warcraft II: Battle.net Edition Screenshots

User Screenshots

Windows version

Title Screen
Main Menu
Mission Briefings
Knights attack an Orcish Base
Mages mop up the job with their Blizzard spell
Joining an online game through Battle.net
The game consists of both "WarCraft II" and the add-on on the same CD, which will automatically be installed.
In-game menu.
Orcs and ogres may be a stronghold of your army, but without producing grunts, no funds will be provided.
After each victorious mission, you may see statistics of your allies, enemies, and yourself.
After making out to enemy shore, good thing would be to build up your defenses before further attacking.
Your ships can quite effectively clean the coastal defences.
Watch for the resources, because if the map runs out of wood or gold, you may end up in Status Quo.
Submarines are very effective against enemy ships, since AI won't strike back blindly unless it can see you.
Sometimes, fortifying with many turrets is a must if you wanna survive strikes of the dragons.
When ran out of mana, mages can do quite a damage with their basic attack, just as well.
The dark portal, that's where all the hordes came from, and you must shut it down.
Since submarines can only aattack sea targets, ballistas and catapuls are quite a delicate touch for handling them.
Rescuing Zuljin from human clutches. Orcs, trolls, ogres, demons, dragons... all fight the same side, but are actually differently signed, maybe that difference will be shown in WCIII, though.
Seing a light blue sea is so refreshing, since oil platforms are easily visible.
Battle. flying force massacre peons.
Work complete - new farm.
Archers walking on snow - new TV show.