Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos (Collector's Edition) Screenshots

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Windows version

(Collector's Edition DVD) Main Menu
(Collector's Edition DVD) You can see all the cinematics remastered and in high quality.
(Collector's Edition DVD) Some behind the scenes footage of making of the game.
(Collector's Edition DVD) The king of Azeroth.
(Collector's Edition DVD) Orcish heroes confronting a demonic force.
Main Menu (1024x768, though it goes much lower and much higher)
Starting your first campaign.
Some of the ingame options.
You will always have some hero to command, which can gain experience points and grow stronger from level to level.
During the first mission(s), you'll have narrator to offer you help on every corner.
Terrain is fully 3D, which allows some use of neat functions, like leaving watermarks as you run over the stream.
Group of peons loyally mining gold even during the night.
Well established defense parameter.
Stealing human boats to escape the prophecy.
Overview at the end of the level.
Performing side quests usually proves rewarding for your hero, experience points-wise.
And it wouldn't be a game if we wouldn't have a heroine, too.
If you have 'formations' button selected, your troops will automatically line in most appropriate formation for attack/defense.
Entering the cave in search of a dragon.
Every mission pre-loading screen will show a map of the current position.