WarCraft: Orcs & Humans Screenshots

User Screenshots

DOS version

Title screen (main menu)
Intro: Stormwind Keep. The intro uses 3D CGI animation.
Intro: The Orcish stronghold.
Well protected side, especially if arrows are fully upgraded.
Certain missions do not have buildings, and can require fighting in the caves.
Squattering people is better strategy than running. Also, some things, like doors, can also be destroyed.
Conjurers can summon up to four scorpions with full mana. Scorpions do not count as population, so you can have 'em as much as they can fit the map. Same rule applies to orcish spiders.
Elemental is the strongest unit humans can create, but still weaker than orcish demon. He compensate that slight weakness with increased range of attack.
Mages can create both scorpions and elemental, which do not count as population, but takes time for mana to recharge.
Attacking orcs where it hurts the most.
Opening of a mission is mainly building defense and locating resources.
Entering the cave means you won't get any extra reinforcements (unless raising dead or being able to summon).
Catapults are still the beast weapons when they hit the target. But protecting them is always a must.
Once bodies of your enemies or allies turn to skelets, you can raise them with necrolytes.
Toxic clouds (orcs) and fire rains (humans) are actually the only magical effects in the game.
Always the best strategy is to have archers right after the knights. Knights ahead can always intercept enemy catapults since they can not return fire at short range.
Deamons summoned from hell by orcish mages are the strongest creatures able to wipe entire cities out when in group. As all summoned creatures, they disappear when magic hits the bottom.
Extinguishing every trace of human existence will open your gate to invade & conquer other worlds in the future.
I'm weak, please don't kill me
Destruction of the town
Sprawling orc metropolis
Losing battle
Pre-mission briefing
Orc briefing. Note the banner - the same as Sarlac's banner in Blackthorne.
Post-mission debrief screen
Custom battle
Two catapults and archer vs orc raider? Too much
Little forest fight
Little forest fight - new forces
Raid on enemy village

Macintosh version

Main menu - campaign selection
Human mission briefing.
Footmen scout the immediate area at the start of the game.
Building a Barracks to train more troops.
As the nearby gold mine is depleted, more peasants need to be trained to carry gold from far mines.
A group of Footmen is sent to search for more mines.
The humans have run into an Orc ambush.
Archer attack strength can be upgraded at the Lumber Mill.
The Orcs attack human positions in the swamps.
Mission objectives and current score are displayed in the minimap window.
The Orcs bolster their forces with skeletons to repel a human attack.
Orc mission briefing.
An Orc outpost under construction.
The farther a mine is from the town hall, the more peons are needed to carry gold.
An encounter with a human patrol in the swamps.

Official Screenshots

  • WarCraft: Orcs & Humans Screenshot
    Official Web Site (2016)
  • WarCraft: Orcs & Humans Screenshot
    Official Web Site (2016)
  • WarCraft: Orcs & Humans Screenshot
    Official Web Site (2016)
  • WarCraft: Orcs & Humans Screenshot
    Official Web Site (2016)
  • WarCraft: Orcs & Humans Screenshot
    Official Web Site (2016)