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PlayStation 2 5 3.5
Windows 7 2.2
Combined User Score 12 2.7

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PlayStation 2Game Informer Magazine (Nov, 2003)
Featuring a robust single-player experience that delivers 21 levels of play and both split-screen and online multiplayer, Fire Warrior has a lot to offer. From the moment I turned the game on, I couldn’t help but be impressed by the graphic fidelity of the title. I wouldn’t quite put it in the league of an Xbox first-person shooter, but it is most certainly close. The artwork in particular stands out to me. The game’s developer, Kuju, certainly made sure that the character models and the environments were top-notch and you can see that commitment throughout the entire game. Sadly, the game doesn’t run in 480 progressive scan, but it does support widescreen, so HDTV users do receive some benefits.
PlayStation 2IGN (Nov 18, 2003)
Fire Warrior takes a standard first-person adventure and does a good job of providing a continuous adventure in an established world. The look and feel of Warhammer 40,000 and solid design combine for a fun, if a bit brainless, bit of FPS action. Hardcore FPS fans will find little new here, but it's perfect for fans of the original game and others looking for a quick shoot-em-up. If you're hoping for an ecstatic online Deathmatch extravaganza, you're looking in the wrong place. With just a few maps to choose from and only three modes with little customization there's a lot missing. While the play is smooth and fun, there's not enough here to keep gamers coming back for more.
PlayStation 2Gamesdog (Oct 07, 2003)
If you like Games Workshop and Warhammer 40k, you'll love this game. If you like shooting things, blowing things up and generally wreaking havoc, you'll love this game. If you have Ethernet and friends all over the world whom you'd like to Deathmatch with, you'll love this game. In short, Warhammer 40,000: Fire Warrior has filled the gap left when Doom and Quake got old, but could do with being a bit more taxing.
PlayStation 2Game Over Online (Nov 17, 2003)
I can't speak to its faithfulness to the source material, as it is an arena of hardcore geekery that I've unaccountably ignored, but Firewarrior is solid. Its gameplay, stripped of challenge or context, is the same kind of switch-flipping, bomb-planting, key-hunting FPS we've been playing for years, with intensity-in-ten-cities combat to conceal the lack of innovation. It's slightly above average, but only slightly, and can be enjoyed on that level.
PlayStation 2Game Chronicles (Jan 25, 2004)
Warhammer 40,000: Fire Warrior is fun and challenging and a game you won’t want to miss, but for many I can see this as a rental rather than a purchase. Once you’re done with the campaign and you’ve fiddled with the multiplayer for a few hours you’re not likely to come back anytime soon.
WindowsJolt (UK) (Oct 05, 2003)
A score of 74% leave Fire Warrior falling wide of the mark. While this may be a top FPS on the Playstation 2, PC gamers have come to expect something a little more from their shooters. Warhammer 40,000 license or not, the game is patchy in quality and never particularly thrilling or mentally engaging. It almost seems as if some parts have just never been polished. There is multiplayer, but it's not that great by PC standards. This one is mainly for Warhammer 40k fans and FPS enthusiasts.
PlayStation 2GameZone (Dec 23, 2003)
Overall, Warhammer 40K may not be perfect, nor is it a major revolution in it’s genre, but it’s packed full of decent graphics, intense firefights, and some serious non-stop trigger happy blasting for you run and gun FPS fans looking for something a little new that doesn’t make you solve a bunch of puzzles just to get to level 2. Warhammer fans should be happy with it, even if you can’t select your chosen faction to play with, and while it’s not the original Warhammer style … good Games Workshop games haven’t popped up too frequently over the years. Take advantage of it.
PlayStation 2Gaming Target (Mar 04, 2004)
Usually, a game that lives and breathes mixing a familiar franchise with components from other games in its genre could be called derivative, uninspired, or unoriginal, but in Warhammer’s case, it’s only just unoriginal. There clearly was inspiration to blend in standardized FPS gameplay elements despite not breaking the mold, as they all work pretty well despite a few shortcomings.
PlayStation 2Super Play (Sweden) (Nov, 2003)
Det är bra, men skulle ha kunnat vara så mycket bättre. Grafiken anstränger sig, men förmår inte återskapa alla visioner från pappret. Spelsystemet plockar lite här, lite där och så det mesta från Halo. Den som är van vid genren kommer inte att finna mycket nytt, men heller inte mycket att anmärka på. Det gär att den som aldrig hört talas om Warhammer 40 000 kanske får svårt att uppskatta alla detaljer och se helheten, men för fansen är det är julafton och födelsedag på samma gång.
PlayStation 2Worth Playing (Jan 09, 2004)
The Ultramarines would make for a fun time in their long running battles with the hideous Tyranid swarms and Hive Fleets and let us not forget the temperamental if not misinterpreted charm of the Ork Warbands. Everybody loves Orks. In the end, Warhammer: Fire Warrior rates best as a cult classic. If you are a fan, check it out, if not then borrow you friend's copy or give it a whirl at the rental desk. Who knows, you might discover its charm as I did.
WindowsPC Zone Benelux (Jan, 2004)
Het is heel gemakkelijk om Fire Warrior tot op het bot af te kraken, want het bordspel heeft een staaltje strategie waar de digitale vakbroeders veel van kunnen leren. Als je Fire Warrior vergelijkt met de bordvariant, dan ga je geheid nat. Maak je deze vergelijking niet, dan is Fire Warrior een redelijke game. Punt.
WindowsGameStar (Germany) (Nov, 2003)
Das Warhammer 40k-Universum dient als Szenario für den Ego-Shooter Fire Warrior. In 16 geradlinigen Missionen ballern Sie mit Laser- und Projektil-Waffen sowie Granaten eine Gegnerwelle nach der anderen über den Haufen. Leveldesign, Gegner-KI und Hintergrundstory sind zwar ordentlich, lassen aber Neuerungen oder Eigenständigkeit komplett vermissen.
WindowsPC Zone (Nov 13, 2003)
Compared to the likes of No One Lives Forever 2 and Medal Of Honor, it comes away looking dated and shallow. Had Kuju the time, money or inclination to tailor the game more for PC tastes, it might have been a different story. As it stands, however, we can only recommend it to those game-starved fans who've had to wait an eternity to see the models they pore over brought to life in 3D for the first time.
WindowsGameplay (Benelux) (Nov 30, 2003)
Door z'n toegankelijke gameplay is dit voor groentjes een ideale kennismaking met het genre. Andere gamers blijven best ver uit de buurt!
WindowsIGN (Feb 13, 2004)
Fire Warrior takes a standard first-person adventure and does a good job of providing a continuous adventure in an established world. The look and feel of Warhammer 40,000 and solid design combine for a fun, if a bit brainless, bit of FPS action. Hardcore FPS fans will find little new here, but it's perfect for fans of the original game and others looking for a quick shoot-em-up. Since all of the options that normally accompany a FPS title have been stripped from the game, this is definitely for the casual gamer or an extreme fan of the original strategy game.
PlayStation 2GameSpot (Dec 01, 2003)
In a nutshell, you feel like you've done it all before in Warhammer 40,000: Fire Warrior. Boredom is your biggest opponent when trying to finish this derivative game, no matter how many miniatures you've painted over the years while waiting for a pure action title based on the great Warhammer 40,000 franchise. There are some intense moments here that are filled with fierce shoot-outs, but the complexity of the Warhammer universe deserves more than simplistic shooting and key hunts.
WindowsPC Games (Germany) (Dec 04, 2003)
Was jedoch nach dem martialischen Vorspann folgt, regt eher die Lachmuskeln an als die Adrenalinproduktion. Als außerirdischer Tau-Krieger kämpfen Sie gegen die Unterdrückung der Terraner. Mit Sturmgewehr und Granaten bewaffnet schießen Sie sich Ihren Weg im Alleingang durch 20 Levels frei - gegen schwer gepanzerte Space-Marines, kettensägenschwingende imperiale Offiziere und allerhand niederes Fußvolk.
55 (Apr 25, 2006)
Pour sa première adaptation au genre du First Person Shooter, le monde de Warhammer 40.000 s'intéresse de près aux Tau, cette race extra-terrestre qui aime le jaune et les gadgets technologiques.
51 (Nov 15, 2003)
Warhammer 40k Fire Warrior kommt ungefähr zwei bis drei Jahre zu spät. Sowohl von der technischen als auch von der spielerischen Seite her betrachtet. Die eintönigen Missionen mit den langweiligen Zielen und dem unterdurchschnittlichen Leveldesign sorgen vor allem in der Anfangsphase für viel Unmut. Gepaart mit schwacher künstlicher Intelligenz, dramaturgischen Unzulänglichkeiten, einer schwachen Atmosphäre und chronischer Sinnabstinenz sind die simplen Schlachten eine Qual. Bis endlich ungefähr in der Hälfte das Gameplay komplett umschlägt und Richtung Survival-Horror geht. Jetzt wird Fire Warrior besser, aber zu mehr als einem Durchschnittspiel reicht es trotz der starken Lizenz nicht. Entwickler Kuju sollte lieber beim Train Simulator bleiben...
PlayStation (UK) (Oct 09, 2003)
The only thing I got out of Fire Warrior was motion sickness. It's starts off great, but soon degenerates into a tiresome chore of a game. It has little to offer beyond tried and tested game mechanics that we've been seeing for years, which wouldn't be so bad if it could offer them up properly. That said, if what you're after is an extraordinarily average game that won't last you longer than a week tops, then Fire Warrior is the game for you.
WindowsClubic (Oct 27, 2003)
Vous l'avez compris, Fire Warrior ne révolutionne pas le genre, pire il n'en est même pas un bon représentant. La réalisation graphique est moyenne, ce qui n'empêche pas le moteur de ramer terriblement lorsqu'une grenade explose. Les niveaux sont linéaires, à tel point qu'on a l'impression de passer sa vie dans des couloirs, et le gameplay qui reprend des vielles recettes sans rien ajouter de son cru est aussi surprenant que l'arrivée de Noël au 25 décembre. Bref, on peine à prendre son pied. Le jeu pourra tout au plus séduire les gamins un peu rebelles qui se diront en voyant le gros « 16+ » sur la jaquette qu'ils vont transgresser un interdit. Bof, bof, bof...
WindowsJoystick (French) (Nov, 2003)
Trop limité techniquement, Fire Warrior se défend comme il peut mais ne fait vraiment pas le poids face à la concurrence sur PC. A réserver exclusivement aux fans du genre, et encore, s'ils n'ont vraiment rien de mieux à faire.
PlayStation (Oct 09, 2003)
Fire Warrior aura bien du mal à s'attirer la sympathie. Son gameplay est complètement dépassé. Quitte à jouer dans la catégorie des FPS bourrins, le titre aurait dû proposer le « truc en plus » qui rende son action moins obsolète. L'IA navrante n'arrange pas les choses. On joue un peu, et puis on oublie.
WindowsGameSpot (Nov 26, 2003)
Warhammer 40,000 has long deserved a shooter. A veritable cult has grown up around Games Workshop's combat miniatures franchise over the past two decades. Popularity aside, the gritty 41st century universe "where there is only war" is a perfect fit for first-person action. It would be hard to mess up a game that features forces like the Imperium, Dark Eldar, Orks, and Necrons, who are all eternally locked in battle. Yet that's exactly what Kuju Entertainment has done. The British developer, best known for 2001's Microsoft Train Simulator, has exchanged all of the depth and dynamism of the Games Workshop franchise for a shooter-by-numbers approach in Warhammer 40,000: Fire Warrior. This cheap PlayStation 2 port carries none of the punch that can be found in the tabletop game due to a positively antediluvian design that sees you running down an endless succession of corridors hunting for keys.
WindowsComputer Active (Dec 24, 2003)
Fire Warrior was first launched on the PlayStation 2 to little acclaim and sadly, ifs unlikely to garner much support on the PC. Given the strong competition, most notably from Halo, Fire Warrior needed to rely on much more than the fanaticism of the Warhammer followers to make a real impact. Unfortunately there's little here to recommend to even the most dedicated fan.
WindowsComputer Gaming World (CGW) (Jul, 2004)
The Warhammer universe should provide a rich environment for a shooter; Fire Warrior provides only a been-there-done-that setting and story line. An online multiplayer mode is available, but with Unreal Tournament 2004 out now, there’s really no need for it.
WindowsWithingames (Oct 29, 2003)
FireWarrior ist zwar kein schlechtes Spiel, sondern ein sehr solider Shooter. Sein einziger Fehler ist, dass er eben einige Jahre zu spät auf den Markt gekommen ist. Kuju und THQ hätten sich meiner Meinung nach sehr viel mehr Mühe für die PC-Umsetzung geben müssen. Mit so offensichtlichen Schwächen gegenüber den Genrekonkurrenten kann man von den Spielern nicht verlangen, teures Geld für den Titel auszugeben. Sogar Genreeinsteiger werden durch den viel zu hohen Schwierigkeitsgrad abgeschreckt und so ist das Spiel wohl nur für Hardcore-Shooter-Fans eine Alternative bis das nächste Highlight erscheint.
40 (Oct 21, 2003)
Bon tout ceci pour dire que Fire Warrior saura à n'en point douter contenter les amoureux du jeu de plateau mais les amateurs de FPS risquent d'être déçus. Le jeu est en effet quelconque, il propose bien le minimun syndical demandé mais vu que nous n'avons que l'embarras du choix sur PC, je ne vois pas vraiment ce qui vous pousserez à jeter votre dévolu sur ce titre plutôt que sur un Medal Of Honor : Débarquement Allié : L'Offensive ou un Battlefield 1942 : Arsenal Secret.
WindowsGameSpy (Jan 08, 2004)
It's not all bad. The graphics are pretty good and convey the grim setting of Warhammer. There's also a lot of game here in the form of 24 missions that each last at least 20 to 25 minutes. By today's standards, 8+ hours of single-player gameplay (not counting reloads) isn't too shabby. The story is also very well-done, and fits perfectly with the overall theme of Warhammer 40K; it's obvious that the designers at Kuju are familiar with the 40K universe. So, if you don't mind the repetitive enemies with bad AI, the poor save-game options, and a lack of weapon variety, then the Warhammer flavor might be enough to warrant a look. For most people, however, Fire Warrior is simply a mediocre shooter at best.
WindowsAbsolute Games ( (Oct 25, 2003)
Абсолютная пустышка, страшная, как смертный грех. Какую составляющую ни возьми, проект оказывается феноменально неудачным. Особо не рекомендуется фанатам Warhammer 40.000.
WindowsActionTrip (Oct 16, 2003)
On the whole, Fire Warrior is a frustrating experience that treats you to many bug-infested levels, freakish AI, monotonous plot, and a tedious atmosphere. Quake gamers might find it fun (that is if they still believe it's 1996 - 2Lions), but only if they manage to finish the first half of the game. Even hardcore Warhammer 40,000 fans should steer clear of this one. I haven't had the "pleasure" of trying Fire Warrior on the PS2, but somehow I doubt it would change the verdict. Let's hope and pray they don't plan to make a sequel.
PlayStation (Oct 29, 2003)
Der Feuerkrieger präsentiert sich auf der PS2 als rundum stimmige Ergänzung der Ego-Shooter-Bibliothek. Denn auch wenn man Innovationen vergeblich sucht, ist die von Kuju entwickelte Warhammer-Action unterhaltsam, spannend und sorgt für wunde Zeigefinger. Grafisch eine nicht immer geglückte Gratwanderung zwischen Detailverliebtheit, schönen Effekten und wenig abwechslungsreichen Gegnern abliefernd, kann die imposante und atmosphärische Soundkulisse den einen oder anderen Optikmakel auffangen. Und auch wenn man nicht unbedingt ein Hardcore-Fan des Warhammer 40k-Universums sein muss, um das Spiel genießen zu können, werden viele vermutlich von dem rasant steigenden Schwierigkeitsgrad abgeschreckt werden, der zusammen mit dem unglücklichen Speichersystem immer wieder für Frustmomente sorgt.