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Platform Votes Score
Genesis 7 3.3
SNES 3 2.8
Combined User Score 10 3.2

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GenesisSega Force
Jag hade mycket roligt under testandet av detta spel och kan rekommendera det till er som vill ha ett hyfsat plattformsspel med ingredienserna magi, fantasy, skräck och hjärnbryderi. Ett engagerande och bra spel nästan i klass med Castlevania.
SNESGamePro (US)
Warlock won't set your system on fire, but despite the sometimes-frustrating controls, it's a good intermediate adventure with some truly challenging puzzles. However, Warlock is definitely no lock.
GenesisVideo Games & Computer Entertainment
Overall, I thought the game needed a little more evil. And though the Genesis version didn't look quite as good as the Super NES version, it was still an all-right game.
SNESVideo Games & Computer Entertainment
The SNES graphics are excellent and the sound is very moody. Oh yes, it's a right on game, to be sure.
GenesisGamePro (US)
Fans of horror games might war to the final fight. But if you're looking for a chilling challenge, look elsewhere. Warlock the game is like Warlock the movie: a decent rental on a stormy night. But worth buying? Now that's scary.
GenesisGameFan Magazine
Warlock is a game with good control, decent challenge, nice animation and little else. The levels are some of the most repetitive in recent memory, graphics are passable but unspectacular and the music is downright annoying at times. Too add insult to injury, the ending was basic, short and boring. Good movie though.
SNESTotal! (Germany)
Grafisch und technisch kann sich ‚Warlock‘ durchaus sehenlassen, doch mangelt es dafür sehr in Sachen Gameplay. Ihr werdet schnell das Gefühl haben ohne weiteres bis zum letzten Level zu kommen, denn lange Zeit passiert einfach viel zu wenig. Langeweile und dann wieder totales Chaos im Kampf wechseln sich später ständig ab. Alles in allem ist ‚Warlock‘ leider wenig spannend und nur ein weiteres von vielen Games dieser Art!
GenesisMega Fun
Obwohl auch Mega Warlock alles andere als Begeisterungsstürme hervorruft, entpuppt es sich dennoch als eine Spur besser als das SNES-Pendant. Dies liegt vor allem daran, daß deutlich weniger unfaire Stellen vorhanden sind und die technische Ausführung für MD-Verhältnisse minimal besser gelungen ist; alles in allem trotzdem fast genauso überflüssig.
SNESMega Fun
So toll sich das alles jetzt auch anhört, so vorsintflutlich ist Warlock letztendlich geraten. Die Grafik erreicht nicht annähernd 16-Bit Niveau, der Sound ist grausam und etliche unfaire Stellen geben Euch schließlich den Rest. Warlock stellt ein lieblos zusammengeschustertes Jump'n Shoot dar, das aus dem nächstbesten Programmgenerator stammen könnte.
SNESGame Players
At first I thought this game was too easy. The more I played it, I realized it was just too boring. Some of the characters take too long to die, or I should say, require too many hits. Get serious, you can grow old in the time it takes to kill some of these guys - next!!!
Honestly, just forget Warlock. With such frustrating controls, insane difficulty, and a forgettable story, its not even worth a dollar. Even though the graphics and sound are great, the gameplay destroys what could have been a great game. I guess its true, movie-based games sucked even in the 16-bit era.
GenesisThe Video Game Critic
The graphics are high caliber, and some of the monsters look truly frightening. A creepy organ plays a haunting refrain in the background. The unique health meter is in the form of a head that loses flesh with each hit. In terms of presentation, Warlock has a lot going for it, so it's a shame that the game plays so poorly. Although you can hurl "magic blasts" and an orb that acts like a boomerang, these can only be aimed at certain angles, and it's hard to hit advancing monsters. This problem is aggravated by numerous cheap hits and monsters that materialize from out of nowhere on both sides of you. Most players will give up in frustration and miss out on most of the great visuals Warlock has to offer.