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Warp Warp

Warp Warp Screenshots

Arcade version

Title screen
Main menu
Get ready
Round 1
Green frog approaching
Round 2
Time bomb explosion
Game over

Warp Warp Screenshots

Casio PV-1000 version

Title screen
Starting out
Warped to another screen
Laying a grenade
A grenade explodes
The warp is activated

Warp Warp Screenshots

MSX version

Title screen
Level start
Shoot the frog for bonus points
Shoot the monsters
They change color and are more difficult to hunt down
You lost

Warp Warp Screenshots

Sord M5 version

Title screen
Shoot at the enemies
A frog-type enemy appears
The warp activates
In this stage, you drop bombs instead of shooting
Let off a big bomb
Chased by a pack of four
Game over