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Xbox (Feb 15, 2012)
Dunque complimenti a Trapdoor per aver sviluppato questa chicca e complimenti a EA per avercela proposta: se comprate solo pochi giochi online all'anno, fate che Warp sia uno di essi.
Xbox 360GamingXP (Feb 14, 2012)
Was für ein Auftakt der Indie Games-Parade im Rahmen der Xbox Live House Party: Ein qualitativ hochwertiger, abwechslungsreicher Titel mit toller Story und innovativem Gameplay, der von Beginn an Action bietet und fesselt. Was will man mehr? Absolute Download-Empfehlung!
Xbox 360NZGamer (Mar 22, 2012)
Although it's lacking in several areas, Warp is an interesting mix of genres with clever puzzles. It consistently challenges you to make use of your latest ability and ‘Metroidvania’ nuts can take great pleasure in the rewards of backtracking, while it doesn't penalize players who don't.
Xbox 360Spazio Games (Feb 16, 2012)
Il titolo di Electronic Arts e Trapdoor riesce perfettamente nell'intento di offrire un gameplay estremamente vario e divertente che contempla sia una facilità di apprendimento nelle meccaniche di base che un vero e proprio livello di sfida che deriva dalle disparate varietà di approccio ad ogni singola situazione di gioco. Per 800 punti Microsoft questo è un titolo che va obbligatoriamente acquistato. Non ve ne pentirete.
PlayStation 3IGN (Feb 19, 2012)
Brainy and amusing, Warp is highly recommended stealth/puzzle fare, despite some hiccups right at the end. From a humble, enticing premise -- an alien that can teleport needs to escape a laboratory -- layers of gameplay variation are neatly introduced until you've warped your way through a rich, satisfying adventure. It does just the right amount of hand-holding so that you always know what needs to be done and where to go but often leaves the "how" up to you. Perhaps most importantly, it lets us do something we haven't done before -- bring our enemies' insides to the outside. And that's something I'll remember.
Xbox 360Game Chronicles (Feb 29, 2012)
It’s ironic that Warp is so cute you’d easily mistake it for a kids’ game, but with some pretty gruesome visuals and the F-bomb being dropped more than once, it earns that Mature rating despite its adorable mascot. Still, Warp is a challenging and enjoyable game with a steady progression of difficulty and plenty of variety to keep things fresh with each new level. The upgrade system work nicely to tailor Zero to your play style, and I had a great time playing Warp from start to finish.
PlayStation 3Gaming Nexus (Apr 11, 2012)
Warp isn't a game about shooting down aliens and thumping your chest; instead you play the alien and kill every human that moves. This turns out to be a lot of fun thanks to the puzzles solving and Metal Gear Solid-style stealth sequences. It's over a little too quickly, but people that pay the ten dollars won't feel cheated!
Xbox (Feb 15, 2012)
Warp è una piccola gemma. Dotato di una forte personalità e di uno humor nero al di fuori dell’ordinario, si colloca negli acquisti Digital Delivery obbligati in questo febbraio. La grafica essenziale è perfetta per lo stile del gioco che punta fortemente sul senso di reclusione e pericolo costante che deve provare il giocatore. L’elevato numero di checkpoint e una difficoltà mai eccessiva permetto a chiunque di fruire del prodotto, reso unico dal protagonista che, con i suoi dolci vocalizzi sonori in paradossale contrapposizione alle stragi di cui è capace, vi conquisterà. In breve tempo la battaglia per la libertà di Zero diventerà la nostra battaglia e sarete capaci di tutto. Plauso alle soluzioni creative di un gameplay che evolve costantemente, offrendo puzzle sempre intelligenti. Basati ora sul tempismo, ora sul fare circospetto, ora sull’interazione con l’IA degli avversari, gli enigmi di Warp resteranno sicuramente impressi nella memoria degli amanti del genere.
WindowsAbsolute Games ( (May 08, 2012)
Канадскую студию Trapdoor не пугают эксперименты. Вживить «стелс» в изометрическую «бродилку» — уже смело, а уж использовать порталы для скрытных перемещений… Нестандартному мышлению разработчиков стоит позавидовать: в аркадном племени Warp очень заметна.
Xbox (Feb 17, 2012)
Warp bietet rätselreiche Stealth-Action, bei der man sich sowohl gewieft schleichend als auch schonungslos mordend seinen Weg in die ersehnte Freiheit bahnen kann. Die einzigen Waffen von Alien-Flüchtling Zero sind seine übernatürlichen Fähigkeiten der Fortbewegung, Täuschung und Manipulation, mit denen er allerlei Gefahren und Hindernisse bewältigen muss. Es wird teleportiert, projiziert und explodiert sowie versteckt, abgelenkt und geködert, um ja nicht erwischt zu werden. Neben Kalkül ist auch Geschick gefragt, um den mit individuellen Spezialkräften versehbaren Ausreißer in Sicherheit zu geleiten. Trotz kurzer Spielzeit und manch nervlicher Strapazen ein mörderisches Vergnügen.
Xbox 360GamesRadar (Feb 17, 2012)
Otherwise, taking in the numerous other factors driving the experience, Warp is an excellent, intelligently crafted game that ranks high on our list of this year’s must-have downloadable titles.
Xbox 360Impulse Gamer (Feb, 2012)
While the game is not going to please everyone, the game brings it old school harkening to some of the styles that started the action puzzle gaming of old. Warp is a nice straight to the point gaming experience that if you come ready to have some fun, you won’t be disappointed.
Xbox 360The Escapist (Mar 05, 2012)
Warp was a lot of fun to play once, but not something you'll play over and over again.
Xbox 360Official Xbox Magazine (UK) (Mar 08, 2012)
If we have one complaint, it's the fact you have to waggle the thumbstick for a few seconds to blow up the thing you're occupying. You're not using B or Y, guys. But otherwise this is an intelligent and modestly-priced puzzler that'll lovingly abduct an evening from your life.
Xbox (Mar 21, 2012)
Výborná stealth logická hříčka s hlavním hrdinou, který vám ihned přiroste k srdci. Nezáleží na tom, jestli patříte mezi hardcore nebo casual hráče, Warp si užijete všichni stejně.
Xbox 360Gamereactor (Denmark) (Mar 16, 2012)
I den overordnede sammenhæng betyder det dog ikke de store - det er højst en ridse i lakken, endda på et sted, hvor man ikke kigger så ofte. For ellers er Warp en herlig, opfindsom og gennemtænkt action-puzzler, der er let at gå til og svær at lægge fra sig. Til 800 Microsoft Point er det decideret billigt, og et spil jeg varmt vil anbefale til alle, der holder af spil som Portal.
PlayStation 3Game Revolution (Mar 26, 2012)
With a surprisingly packed world that grants players with a relatively small but varied set of tricks, Warp is a well-designed experience with an effective difficulty curve and a solid pace. It suffers from some presentation issues, like having to sit through some loading time with every death (which happens instantaneously and semi-frequently). But it manages to blend strategy and puzzle-solving with reaction and timing, all melded together beneath an adorable but charmingly gross exterior. Like its quirky protagonist, Warp is small and doesn't have much to say, but it earns your respect and attention by the end with its originality.
PlayStation 3Armchair Empire, The (Apr 10, 2012)
Certainly not on the challenge or quality level of the stellar puzzle-action blend of Portal 2, Warp still has enough of a puzzle-solving complexity with light action gameplay blended in to be enjoyably entertaining.
WindowsPC Gamer (May 27, 2012)
Nevertheless, it’s hard to resent what is otherwise a cheerful romp with some titillating, fresh gimmicks and a winsomely dark sense of humour. Blistering challenge rooms and online leaderboards may extend its stay, but ultimately Warp is a shallow game, and happily so: here one moment and gone the next.
Xbox 360Official XBox Magazine (Feb 15, 2012)
Still, you’ll find lots to like in this six-hour adventure, with plenty to build upon for more puzzley installments.
Xbox 360Gaming Age (Mar 05, 2012)
Overall, WARP is a definite must play, as the game plays great, has some mind twisting challenges and puzzles, and provides enough replay value thanks to challenges and leaderboards. The only real question is whether or not it is for you, and to that, all I can say is play the demo, and if you dig that…the rest of the game is gravy.
Xbox 360Canadian Online Gamers Network (Feb 22, 2012)
Although I enjoyed my time with Warp, and could not find too many negatives to report, it still seems a bit average when compared to other puzzle games I have played. If you are a lover of puzzle games and are looking for a new challenge to tax your mind, then Warp is most likely a title for you, otherwise you might just want to try the demo first to make sure to make sure you’re not getting into something that you might regret.
Xbox 360Planet Xbox 360 (Feb 20, 2012)
Warp has a superb presentation for a downloadable game. The appearance looks like something resembling Portal 2 or perhaps an even earlier Valve development, with great stage design, small details here and there and a decent camera angle that shows you places you need to go next. The explosions are good too, and watching a human turn into a gooey pile never gets stale. Likewise, the sound is pretty good. The voicework by the opposing humans is strong, and the music has its inspired moments, making you feel a little more distressed about your situation. If you’re up for a harder kind of game experience and don’t mind a little infuriation to go with your gameplay skills, Warp may just be the thing for you. It’s got the kind of challenges to really keep you coming back, especially in the challenge rooms. However, if you’re a newbie and prefer a platformer that’s not so punishing, we recommend a rental first.
WindowsPC Games (Germany) (Mar, 2012)
Warp verzeiht keine Fehler: Viel zu oft muss ich mir auf den Pixel genau einen Weg durch lebensgefährliche Hindernisparcours bahnen. Die unpräzise Steuerung sorgt für gehörig Frust; anders als in Super Meat Boy habe ich nie das Gefühl, die Kontrolle zu haben. Dennoch war es mir ein Vergnügen, Zero beim Ausbruch zu helfen: Die Talente des Außerirdischen sind innovativ und selbst die fiesen Stellen schnell bewältigt. Für meinen Geschmack zu schnell: Die Puzzles hätten gerade in der zweiten Hälfte gerne komplexer sein dürfen. So bleibt Warp nur die Rolle als Feierabend-Snack.
WindowsGameStar (Germany) (Mar 21, 2012)
Warp macht Spaß, keine Frage. Das Teleportations-Talent lädt zum Experimentieren ein, der makabere Humor bereitet mir eine Menge Freude, und das kleine Alien ist mir einfach sympathisch, vielleicht grade weil ich mit ihm auch mal ein wenig böse sein darf. Schade, dass das Spiel an anderen Stellen patzt. Eine etwas intelligentere KI hätte die Schleich- und Ausweichpassagen spannender gemacht, eine etwas präzisere Steuerung einige Frustmomente herausgenommen. Dennoch ist Warp ein nettes Spiel für Zwischendurch, das sich jeder einmal anschauen sollte, zumal es gerade mal zehn Euro kostet.
Xbox (UK) (Feb 15, 2012)
The ideas at the heart of Warp are sound and, in general, the game is well paced and introduces its evolutions at just the right time. There's a looseness to the execution though, and it keeps the experience from becoming more than the sum of its parts. Warp is a pleasant enough diversion, but with patchwork design that remixes gameplay ideas and stylistic elements from sources as diverse as Splosion Man, Metal Gear Solid and Portal, it never gels into anything particularly memorable.
Xbox (Feb 17, 2012)
There are little moments, like Zero being sucked through underwater transit tubes or fighting an alien boss that's been traumatized by too many lab experiments, that really stick out. And watching the abrupt, messy disintegration of your hapless foes never gets old.
Xbox (Mar 07, 2012)
Warp è un action/puzzle game suddiviso in stanze che possono essere affrontate in diversi modi. Il fulcro del gameplay è il teletrasporto che Zero può sfruttare tanto per aggirare i nemici quanto per farli esplodere in un mare di sangue. Zero dispone però di altre interessanti abilità che si rendono procedendo di stanza in stanza.
Xbox (Mar 01, 2012)
Med hyfsad variation, en del smarta pussel och underhållande spelmekanik finns det tillräckligt här för ett par timmars god underhållning, och många exploderande fiender förstås.
WindowsCheat Happens (Apr 25, 2012)
I really wanted to love Warp, and at the beginning -- I did, but as I played through the game, it became evident that it would be a tough sell. It drips with charm and has some great ideas, but it doesn't fully commit to those ideas, and suffers from some mechanical issues. Still, Warp is a puzzler worth looking into, especially if you can look past the missteps.
Xbox 360Game Informer Magazine (Feb 22, 2012)
Warp is charming at first, but the simple A.I. and basic puzzles aren’t enough to make it an XBLA standout. Completionists may find replay value in the collectible grubs, basic upgrade system, and challenge rooms, but anyone looking for deeper stealth or puzzle-based gameplay should look elsewhere.
Xbox 360GameSpot (Feb 21, 2012)
Warp is generally an entertaining game, but whether it's worth the 800 Microsoft points hinges on whether you're willing to play by its occasionally fickle rules. The attention given to its commendable visual and audio presentation sometimes seems at odds with the vagaries of the gameplay itself, and the endless repetition of angry guards and cowardly scientists conflicts with the ease with which Warp introduces the complexities of its four special abilities. It's best to take Warp as the carefree fling it's likely meant to be, because anyone looking for a rewarding experience here will find only a charmingly warped vision of games we've seen many times before.
Xbox 360Gameplay (Benelux) (Mar 31, 2012)
Als onschuldig ogende alien moet je noodgedwongen de walgelijke mensheid hard aanpakken. De warp-puzzels zijn leuk, zolang de geluksfactor niet te groot is en je de bossfights kunt vermijden.
Xbox (Feb 25, 2012)
Overall, Warp is a great premise that could have been a great game. It seems to fall apart towards the end, though, which is disappointing. Puzzle fans that liked Portal may want to check this out. Other puzzle fans may also give this a look just to see the premise and ability in action.
Xbox 360Giant Bomb (Feb 17, 2012)
Despite its mechanical foibles, Warp has a lot of charm in its visual design, animations, and infrequent dialogue, and if you can tolerate some frustration, there's a good quantity of unique puzzle-solving to be had. With a lengthy main mode and a few external challenge levels, it's also a decent value at $10. The game is rougher around the edges than its excellent core premise deserves, but it's still a promising first effort from Trapdoor.
Xbox 360Joystiq (Feb 17, 2012)
Despite frustrations, Warp is an amusing diversion if only for its pastiche design that pulls inspiration from so many corners of gaming's beloved landscape. The game's ultimate failure is that it doesn't quite create an identity for itself. Beyond some entertaining moments, Warp isn't particularly memorable.
Xbox 360AusGamers (Feb 21, 2012)
Warp isn’t a bad little game by any means, and in its better moments it can be easy to forget all the surrounding problems. But it’s a hard game to get really enthusiastic about, and all too easy to walk away from when you hit a frustrating section.
Xbox (Feb 23, 2012)
Letztendlich bleibt Warp ein gutes Spiel, das sich seines eigenen Potentials nicht recht bewusst wird und in der zweiten Hälfte komplett stagniert. Schade.
Xbox (Feb 28, 2012)
Si vous êtes à la recherche d'une petite production de Science-Fiction qui mêle adroitement action et infiltration, le tout porté par quelques séquences de jeu un brin casse-tête, Warp est fait pour vous. D'autant plus quand le fond s'accorde idéalement à la forme, par la grâce d'un game design simple et concis, à l'ambiance posée. Attention néanmoins à ne pas trop précipiter l'aventure si vous désirez en tirer toute la substantifique moelle.
Xbox (Feb 28, 2012)
Aunque se echa de menos mayor variedad en la acción, cosas como los desafíos (desbloqueables y esparcidos por el mapa), las mejoras acumulando "Grubs" y la ingente cantidad de mapas lo salvan de la quema. Warp es una gran idea que proporciona buenos momentos de distensión, pero con irregularidades importantes en su implementación ¿Lo peor? Que resulta repetitivo tras unas horas y que en el fondo no deja de ser un juego de sigilo de esos en los que hay que aprender lo que hay que hacer y después encomendarse a la diosa Fortuna. Si esperas algo que alimente tu cerebro es posible que quedes defraudado, pero si quieres ejercitar tus dedos estás delante de un producto muy original y cumplidor.
PlayStation 3Digital Chumps (Mar 20, 2012)
Warp boasts the ability to perfect any previously found challenge rooms outside of the game and adds additional depth with leader boards but, as you might guess, after the knuckle sandwich of a last boss encounter I wasn't exactly motivated to stick around after the credits rolled.
WindowsGameSpot (Mar 21, 2012)
Warp is generally an entertaining game, but whether it's worth the agreeable admission price hinges on whether you're willing to play by its occasionally fickle rules. The attention given to its commendable visual and audio presentation sometimes seems at odds with the vagaries of the gameplay itself, and the endless repetition of angry guards and cowardly scientists conflicts with the ease with which Warp introduces the complexities of its four special abilities. It's best to take Warp as the carefree fling it's likely meant to be, because anyone looking for a rewarding experience here will find only a charmingly warped vision of games we've seen many times before.
Xbox 360Destructoid (Feb 17, 2012)
Whether or not it's worth even starting will depend on how much you like this subgenre of stealth gameplay and on how willing you are to overlook its faults. As much as Warp's presentation gives you the illusion that you are playing a charming game full of personality, a lot of the initial goodwill and attachment to the cute critter protagonist is slowly eroded by your actions and the problematic controls. In the end, all that is left at your disposal is a virtual representation of your imminent failure and repetitive demise.